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Powerlifting PDF

Powerlifting PDF

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    Powerlifting. The name says it all—strength, power, intensity, concentration, determination. The sport’s physical and mental demands are unlike any other, as are its athletes who must always be committed and focused on success.

    Now, hall of famer and nine-time world powerlifting champion Dan Austin has teamed with strength and conditioning expert Dr. Bryan Mann to create the sport’s most comprehensive resource. Powerlifting breaks down every aspect of the sport, including fueling, preparation, and execution of the three primary lifts: bench press, squat, and deadlift.

    This hard-core guide includes more than 100 of the most effective exercises to enhance the three power movements, proven mental strategies, sample programs, and periodization plans for increasing absolute strength, power, and flexibility. The authors also share their secrets for preparing for competition, optimizing training, avoiding injuries, and advancing through the ranks.

    Whether you’re serious about powerlifting or simply seeking a proven approach for developing strength and power from one of the most accomplished athletes in the sport, Powerlifting is a must-have.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Physiology of Strength and Power

    Chapter 2. Muscle Fueling

    Chapter 3. Power Training Preparation

    Chapter 4. Squat

    Chapter 5. Bench Press

    Chapter 6. Deadlift

    Chapter 7. Power Periodization

    Chapter 8. Foundational Training

    Chapter 9. Experienced Training

    Chapter 10. Advanced Training

    Chapter 11. Powerlifting Mindset

    Chapter 12. Meet Preparation

    Chapter 13. Meet Day

    About the Author

    Dan Austin is the assistant head strength coach at the University of South Carolina. He has been at the university since 2003, working with the football and men's soccer teams. Before joining South Carolina, he was the head strength coach at Oklahoma State University, Mississippi State University, UNLV, Tennessee State University, and Austin Peay State University. While at Oklahoma State, he was voted the Big 12 Conference's Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year.

    A native of Greenville, South Carolina, Austin earned his bachelor's degree in health physical education from Newberry College and a master's degree from Austin Peay State University. He has been a strength and conditioning coach for more than 20 years.

    Austin is certified by USA Weightlifting, the International Sport Sciences Association, the National Association of Speed and Explosion, and the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association. He is also a level II specialist in sport conditioning. He is a masters collegiate strength and conditioning coach, which is the highest certification a strength coach can achieve.

    Austin has been powerlifting for 30 years and was voted into the Powerlifting Hall of Fame in 2011. Throughout his career he has won 9 world powerlifting championships and 15 national championships while holding several world records in the deadlift and combined total weight. He was voted the greatest 148-pound powerlifter of all time and was the first lifter under 148 pounds to deadlift over 700 pounds.

    Bryan Mann has been involved in the sport of powerlifting since 1996. Since then, he has set numerous records as a high school, teen, and junior athlete. Throughout high school and college, Mann was a four-time national and two-time world champion in powerlifting for the Natural Athlete Strength Association and was considered among the top 20 athletes in the world for his age.

    As an assistant director of strength and conditioning at the University of Missouri, Mann is responsible for assisting with the player development program for football and baseball as well as for Missouri's women's basketball and soccer teams. In addition to these team duties, he is the director of research and development. While at Southwest Missouri State, Mann worked with great athletes such as Philadelphia Phillies first baseman and league MVP Ryan Howard, Texas Rangers pitcher John Rheinecker, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Shaun Marcum, and NCAA basketball’s all-time scoring leader Jackie Stiles.

    Mann received his degree in health promotion from Missouri State University in 2003, a graduate certificate in sports management in 2004, a master’s degree in health education and promotion in 2006, and his PhD in 2011. Mann is recognized as a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and is certified as a strength and conditioning coach (SCCC) from the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association.


    “Powerlifting is a winner. Every person who ventures into the gym should focus at one time or another on building strength through powerlifting, and this is the definitive insider’s book packed with advice on training and nutrition. Authors Dan Austin and Bryan Mann, with dozens of national and world records between them, have dedicated their lives to the singular purpose of educating men and women in developing their ultimate potential. I’m impressed not only with the breadth of the content but also with the highly detailed plans to help you make significant improvements on each of the three major lifts. This book will make a huge difference in your degree of success, whether or not you are competing.”

    Robert Kennedy-- Publisher, RK Publishing (Publishers of MuscleMag, Reps, and Oxygen Magazines)

    Powerlifting serves as the ultimate resource for anyone wanting to take their performance to another level.”

    Christian Cantwell -- 2008 Olympic Silver Medalist, Shot Put; 2009 IAAF World Championships Gold Medalist, Shot Put; 2010, 2008, 2004 World Indoor Championships Gold Medalist, Shot Put

    "I wish I had Powerlifting when I started in this sport. Dan Austin and Brian Mann demonstrate the smartest and safest methods of developing maximum strength."

    Bill Gillespie -- Head Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, Liberty University