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Power Yoga Online CE Exam

Power Yoga Online CE Exam

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    Online Course

    This product is delivered online:
    • Continuing education exam
    • NOTE: The text Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat, and Spirit is required for successful completion of this exam but is not included in this version. Purchase this version only if you already own the text or ebook.
    Consisting of 50 multiple-choice questions, this continuing education exam is designed to be taken after reading Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat, and Spirit. The exam will test your knowledge of the information presented in the book, so you can apply the concepts to your clients and athletes and pursue continuing education in the process.

    Learning Objectives
    After reading this book and successfully completing the 50-question multiple-choice exam, you will be able to do the following:
    • Understand the meaning of select Sanskrit terms used in yoga practice.
    • Identify historical figures in yoga history who helped to define power yoga.
    • Recognize how a power yoga practice benefits the body.
    • Explain how power yoga helps to manage stress.
    • Discuss how to modify and adapt yoga poses.
    • Understand when yoga poses are contraindicated for specific conditions.
    • Describe the role of meditation within a power yoga practice.
    • Discuss the importance of breath work in power yoga.

    Table of Contents

    Power Yoga Table of Contents
    Pose Finder
    A Brief History of Yoga
    The Eight Limbs of Yoga
    How to Use This Book

    Chapter 1. The Power of Yoga
    Yoga for Life Today
    The Physical Practice
    Chapter 2. Intention
    Setting Your Intention
    Cultivating Focus
    Applying the Right Effort
    Chapter 3. Power Principles
    Energy Locks
    Chapter 4. Warm-Up Poses and Sequences
    Opening Poses
    Warm-Up Poses
    Opening Sequences
    Sun Salutations
    Chapter 5. Power Poses and Sequences
    Power Poses
    Power Sequences
    Chapter 6. Peak Poses and Sequences
    Igniting Your Peak
    Peak Poses
    Peak Sequences
    Chapter 7. Cool-Down Poses and Sequences
    Power in Opposites
    Forward Folds
    Final Rest
    Cool Down Sequences
    Chapter 8. Core Strength Poses and Sequences
    Cultivating Core Strength
    Core Poses
    Core Sequences
    Chapter 9. Upper-Body Strength Sequences
    What Is Your Upper Body Saying?
    Upper-Body Sequences
    Chapter 10. Lower-Body Strength Sequences
    Trust Your Foundation
    Lower-Body Sequences
    Chapter 11. Yoga Within Your Other Workouts
    Power Yoga and Injury Prevention
    Sport-Specific Yoga Sequences
    Chapter 12. Your Power Yoga Plan
    Get the Most Out of Your Practice
    Your Power Yoga Plan: Sequences

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