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Postoperative Rehabilitation of Shoulder Pathologies eBook

Postoperative Rehabilitation of Shoulder Pathologies eBook

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    Postoperative Rehabilitation of Shoulder Pathologies helps rehabilitation professionals and physicians provide effective postoperative rehabilitation for various shoulder pathologies. The e-book explores 14 surgical interventions and provides a comprehensive rehabilitation protocol for each from postsurgery rest through return to play:
    • Large and massive rotator cuff repair (open or arthroscopic)
    • Small and medium rotator cuff repair (open or arthroscopic)
    • Partial-thickness rotator cuff repair
    • Latissimus dorsi transfer for massive irreparable rotator cuff tear
    • Total shoulder arthroplasty
    • Reverse total shoulder arthroplasty
    • Proximal humeral fracture
    • Surgery for anterior shoulder instability
    • Surgery for posterior shoulder instability
    • Surgery for multidirectional shoulder instability
    • SLAP repair
    • Postoperative capsular release for frozen shoulder
    • Acromioplasty
    • AC reconstruction
    After outlining the goals and guidelines for each protocol, the text presents all of the exercises, including instructions, pictures, video clips, and recommended sets and reps for each rehabilitation protocol. More than 50 exercises are clearly depicted with photos and can be easily printed for patients to take home and reference while practicing their exercises. In addition, approximately 35 video clips are included in the e-book that visually demonstrate the proper way to perform each exercise. You can access this easy-to-use reference on an iPad or handheld reader while you work with clients so you can play the videos as you explain the technique. In addition, all videos are listed on a reference page so they are even easier to find in the middle of a session.

    This e-book is also available with an online test that can be completed for continuing education credit!
    The test consists of 50 questions, and at the completion you may print out a certificate for CEUs. For more information, view the Postoperative Rehabilitation of Shoulder Pathologies eBook with CEU Test package by clicking on the link under "Related Products" in the right column.

    Table of Contents

    List of Video Clips

    Chapter 1. Shoulder Pathologies
    Large and Massive Rotator Cuff Repair (Open or Arthroscopic)
    Small and Medium Rotator Cuff Repair (Open or Arthroscopic)
    Partial-Thickness Rotator Cuff Repair
    Latissimus Dorsi Transfer for Massive Irreparable Rotator Cuff Tear
    Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
    Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
    Proximal Humeral Fracture
    Surgery for Anterior Shoulder Instability
    Surgery for Posterior Shoulder Instability
    Surgery for Multidirectional Shoulder Instability
    SLAP Repair
    Postoperative Capsular Release for Frozen Shoulder
    AC Reconstruction
    Interval Throwing Protocol

    Chapter 2. Rehabilitation Exercises
    Provider-Assisted Exercises
    Range of Motion Exercises
    Stretching Exercises
    Strengthening Exercises
    Sport-Specific Strengthening Exercises

    Four-Way Resistance Band Strengthening
    Plyometric Throwing
    Thrower’s Ten
    Interval Throwing Program


    Provider-Assisted Exercises
    Supine Passive Forward Elevation (SPFE)
    Passive External Rotation
    Supine Rhythmic Stabilization

    Range of Motion Exercises
    Supine Active Assisted Forward Elevation (SAAFE)
    Supine Active Forward Elevation (SAFE)
    Pulley-Assisted Forward Elevation
    External Rotation With Stick
    Wall Slide Into Scaption
    Functional Internal Rotation Behind the Back
    Alternative Internal Rotation Stretch

    Stretching Exercises
    External Rotation Stretch at Wall
    Hand-Across-Chest Stretch
    Posterior Capsular Sleeper Stretch (Side Lying)
    Posterior Capsular Sleeper Stretch (Standing)

    Strengthening Exercises
    IR, ER, and abduction isometric strengthening
    Wedge-Assisted Forward Elevation (WAFE)
    Standing Overhead Reach
    Internal Rotation With Resistance Band
    External Rotation With Resistance Band
    Seated External Rotation in 90/90
    External and Internal Rotation in 90/90
    PNF Flexion
    PNF Extension
    Serratus Punch Into Scaption
    Push-Up Progressions
    Shoulder Blade Retraction and Depression Strengthening (TVA)
    Six-Pack Back
    Horizontal Abduction With Resistance Band
    Flexion, Abduction, and Scaption to 90° Without Upper Back or Neck Muscle Substitution
    Low Rows
    Scapular Clock

    Sport-Specific Strengthening Exercises
    Closed-Chain Perturbations at Release Point
    Concentric Resisted Throwing
    Eccentric Resisted Throwing
    Concentric and Eccentric PNF Ball Toss

    Thrower’s Ten exercises
    1: Wrist Flexion and Extension, Supination and Pronation
    2: Elbow Extension and Flexion
    3: Serratus Punch in Scaption
    4: Middle Deltoid Raise to 90°
    5: Scaption to 90°
    6: Prone Horizontal Abduction
    7: Internal and External Rotation at 0° and 90°
    8: Push-Up
    9: Prone Row
    10: PNF Flexion and Extension

    Plyometric Throwing exercises
    Two-Hand Chest Pass
    Two-Hand Shoulder-to-Shoulder Pass
    Two-Hand Overhead Soccer Throw
    External Rotation at 0° Into Rebounder (Concentric and Eccentric)
    Internal Rotation at 0° Into Rebounder
    Throwing into Door Frame or Wall at 90°
    Release Point, Throwing Into Door Frame
    Eccentric and Concentric PNF Toss

    4-way resistance band strengthening exercises
    Internal Rotation Resistance Band Exercise
    External Rotation Resistance Band Exercise
    Punching Resistance Band Exercise
    Rowing Resistance Band Exercise