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Physiology of Sport and Exercise Web Study Guide-6th Edition

Physiology of Sport and Exercise Web Study Guide-6th Edition

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    Study Guide

    To assist students using the text, the sixth edition of Physiology of Sport and Exercise has a companion web study guide. The vibrant artwork and illustrations from the text are complemented by 25 animations to provide a dynamic way to experience the content. The 60 audio clips provide explanations of complex physiological processes to aid students’ understanding, and 29 video clips from key leaders in the field discuss recent developments and real-world applications to help students connect theoretical and practical concepts. Corresponding icons throughout the text notify students when digital elements are available to complement the materials.

    Students can also use the guide’s dynamic and interactive learning activities to expand learning beyond a typical lab situation. Activity feedback guides students in finding the correct information. Online chapter quizzes test students’ knowledge of the material, and key concepts are reinforced as students work with interactive versions of select artwork from the book and apply their knowledge of exercise physiology to real-world scenarios.

    The web study guide is also available packaged with a new print book or e-book. To purchase it separately, click on the Add to Cart button at the top of this page. Once the purchase is complete, sign in to the study guide at