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No Gym? No Problem!

No Gym? No Problem!

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    Bad weather, lack of facilities, and scheduling conflicts are among the everyday challenges for physical activity providers who are striving to develop consistent daily lesson plans or activities in often-cramped quarters. No Gym? No Problem! gives physical educators, recreation leaders, and classroom teachers the tools to deal with—and thrive despite—issues surrounding limited space.

    This resource contains nearly 100 activities that may be used individually to enhance existing curriculum or combined to create full-fledged lesson plans that meet specific skills, concepts, or fitness objectives. Whatever the purpose, these activities
    • overcome space limitations, giving children a safe environment in which to learn and grow;
    • use equipment effectively and efficiently in tight spaces; and
    • are specifically designed to minimize prep time and budget demands.

    Developed by an experienced physical educator and recreation specialist, No Gym? No Problem! complies with all of the latest NASPE (2004) national standards to meet the needs of a variety of programs. From warming up and cooling down to working out for fitness and developing sport-specific skills, this book offers both traditional and innovative physical activities:
    • Activities based on popular dances, game shows, board games, action movies, the Olympics, and world cultures
    • Fitness activities such as push-up hockey and walking the border of the United States
    • Movement activities such as navigating a classroom highway and putting on a circus
    • Rhythm activities such as dancing through the decades and keeping beats with lummi sticks
    • Dribbling and kicking activities such as ball-handling tricks and virtual soccer
    • Striking and volleying activities such as flipping flapjacks and pencil pool

    No Gym? No Problem! is a must-have reference that physical activity providers will turn to any time they find themselves without access to a gym, rec center, or any other shared facility.

    Table of Contents

    Activity Finder

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Warm-Ups and Games
    Chapter 3. Fitness
    Chapter 4. Movement and Gymnastics
    Chapter 5. Rhythms
    Chapter 6. Throwing and Catching
    Chapter 7. Dribbling and Kicking
    Chapter 8. Striking and Volleying
    Chapter 9. Game Shows, Reality Shows, and Special Events Get Physical
    Chapter 10. Board Games Aren’t Boring!
    Chapter 11. Cool-Downs

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