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Netball eBook-2nd Edition

Netball eBook-2nd Edition

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    Master the key skills for on-court success. Netball: Steps to Success covers every aspect of the game, from individual playing skills to the fundamentals of team play.

    Netball: Steps to Success gives players a solid grounding in the game. By teaching correct footwork and the fundamental skills of catching, passing and shooting, it provides a solid platform from which to progress to competitive game play. These skills are practiced and honed through a series of drills that feature a scoring system designed to accelerate your progress.

    Once you master the basic skills, Netball: Steps to Success takes you on the court and prepares you for any situation. Detailed instruction, complemented by full-colour photographs and illustrations, will teach you the defensive and attacking strategies needed for winning play, whatever your playing level.

    Off-the-court preparation, including conditioning routines and warm-ups, will ensure you’re at your best on game day.

    Whether you want to sharpen your existing skills or raise your playing level, Netball: Steps to Success, part of the best-selling Steps to Success Sports Series (over 1.5 million copies sold worldwide), has the answer. You can be confident that the best instruction in the sport is at your fingertips.


    Step 1. Catching
    Step 2. Passing
    Step 3. Footwork
    Step 4. Attacking
    Step 5. Defending
    Step 6. Combining Attack and Defence
    Step 7. The Front Third and Goal Shooting
    Step 8. The Centre Third
    Step 9. The Back Third
    Step 10. Developing Strategies and Using Space
    Step 11. The Winning Team
    Step 12. The Fit Team