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NBA Coaches Playbook PDF

NBA Coaches Playbook PDF

Techniques, Tactics, and Teaching Points

$33.95 CAD


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    At a time when more high school and college coaches and players are studying the pro game to get an edge, top coaches from the National Basketball Association have assembled their knowledge in one authoritative coaching manual. NBA Coaches Playbook provides a collection of proven methods and strategies for maximizing player and team performance.
    Many top current college coaches, such as Duke’s Mike Krzyzewski, Louisville’s Rick Pitino, and Auburn’s Nell Fortner, attest to the benefits gleaned from the pro level. And now that information is available at your fingertips—be it from Phoenix Suns coach Mike D'Antoni on the fast break, Phil Jackson and Tex Winter on the triangle offense, or Pete Carril and Eddie Jordan on the Princeton Offense. In all, 28 successful coaches with more than 750 years of coaching experience all over the world share their wisdom on topics for which they are considered the experts.

    Coaches reading NBA Coaches Playbook are guaranteed to find the technical and tactical insights invaluable to their own teaching and game planning. Each chapter offers technical teaching points, practice drills, tactical nuances, or game management tools that can provide a coaching edge. The special plays section, featuring many of the book's 450-plus Xs and Os diagrams, will be especially popular among coaches seeking the out-of-bounds and last-second plays that work when the game is on the line.
    NBA Coaches Playbook gives coaches the ability to access top-level instruction and then use that knowledge in their own system to achieve greater success each season.
    Part I. Individual Offense
    Chapter 1. Shooting Techniques
    Hal Wissel

    Chapter 2. Perimeter Moves
    Stan Van Gundy

    Chapter 3. Post Moves
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Chapter 4. Screens and Screen Plays
    Phil Johnson

    Part II. Team Offense
    Chapter 5. Attacking Offense
    Avery Johnson

    Chapter 6. Triangle Offense
    Phil Jackson and Tex Winter

    Chapter 7. Princeton Offense
    Eddie Jordan and Pete Carril

    Chapter 8. Flex Offense
    Ruben Magnano

    Part III. Fast Break
    Chapter 9. Fast-Break Principles
    George Karl and Doug Moe

    Chapter 10. Primary and Secondary Breaks
    Mike D’Antoni, Alvin Gentry, and Marc Iavaroni

    Part IV. Special Plays
    Chapter 11. High-Percentage Plays
    Lionel Hollins

    Chapter 12. Out-of-Bounds Plays
    Brendan Malone

    Chapter 13. Last-Second Scoring Plays
    Dave Wohl

    Part V. Individual and Team Defense
    Chapter 14. On-the-Ball Pressure
    Mike Fratello

    Chapter 15. Full-Court Pressure
    Jim O’Brien

    Chapter 16. Defensive Strategies
    Del Harris

    Part VI. Coaching Essentials
    Chapter 17. Productive Practices
    Lawrence Frank

    Chapter 18. Game Preparation
    Mike Dunleavy and Jim Eyen

    Chapter 19. Player Development
    Kevin Eastman

    Chapter 20. Player and Coach Motivation
    Scott Skiles and John Bach

    Chapter 21. Modern Conditioning Methods
    Rich Dalatri
    About the NBCA
    Founded in 1976, the National Basketball Coaches Association membership is a who’s who in coaching: Every coach in the league is a member. Through the Celtics-Lakers rivalry in the 1980s, the 1992 Team USA Dream Team, and the unparalleled skill and marketing power of Michael Jordan through the 1990s, the National Basketball Association has become the world's most famous sports league over the past 25 years. Its coaches represent the top instructors and game technicians in the sport. They have mastered not only how to coach the world's top athletes but how to strategize and scheme against other world-class athletes and coaches as well.

    About the Editor
    Giorgio Gandolfi is editor in chief of FIBA Assist magazine, the primary magazine of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA). Gandolfi has served as a European consultant for the NBCA and has been a member of the Italian Basketball Federation Coaches Association since 1974. He has authored one book with the NBCA (NBA Coaches Handbook) and two editions of the book with the National Basketball Players Association (Hoops: The Official National Basketball Players Association Guide to Playing Basketball).
    "NBA Coaches Playbook is exceptional! It covers every facet of basketball, from individual and team drills to strategy and coaching philosophy. I recommend it to basketball coaches at all levels."   
    —Steve Smith, Head Basketball Coach, Oak Hill Academy

    "The basketball knowledge and experience available in this book are outstanding! You'll use this fundamental basketball information throughout the season, year after year."
    —Van Chancellor, Women's Basketball Head Coach, Louisiana State University

    "Technical instruction, practice tips, drills, offensive attacks, special plays, and defensive tactics, all from great basketball minds that know what does and doesn't work. NBA Coaches Playbook is a must-have in any serious coach's library."
    —Rick Pitino, Men's Basketball Head Coach, University of Louisville

    “NBA Coaches Playbook is a great tool for coaches at all levels of the game. It's filled with easy to read, solid basketball information on key points of the game, and clean easy to follow diagrams. You will also pick up many practical organizational and practice preparation ideas from some of our best coaches. We’ve provided each member of our staff with a copy. Everyone can learn from this book.”
    —P.J. Carlesimo, Oklahoma City Thunder