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Music Fundamentals for Dance Web Resource

Music Fundamentals for Dance Web Resource

$25.95 CAD

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    Web Resource

    A dedicated music resource for future and current dance performers, choreographers, and educators, Music Fundamentals for Dance Web Resource provides online access to a range of active learning experiences and support materials. The web resource includes chapter summaries, a glossary, web links, 16 worksheets and answer keys, and extended learning activities to help users practice combining music skills with dance or choreography. Links to additional web resources offer practice in creating and notating melodies, rhythms, and musical compositions. The web resource also contains music clips that can be played for use in classroom discussion, assignments, or individual study. With Music Fundamentals for Dance Web Resource, users can extend their knowledge of music and its relationship to dance, practice their developing music skills, and integrate these skills in their performances, composition, and teaching.