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Men’s Body Sculpting: Muscle Mass Generator

Men’s Body Sculpting: Muscle Mass Generator

$3.99 CAD

Product Format

    Table of Contents

    Muscle Mass Program
    Program Overview
    At a Glance

    Day 1: Push Workout
    Chest (Select one)

    • Dumbbell Chest Fly

    • Machine Chest Fly

    Chest (Select one)

    • Incline Bench Press

    • Machine Incline Press

    Shoulders (Select one)

    • Dumbbell Lateral Raise

    • Cable Lateral Raise

    • Seated Dumbbell Lateral Raise

    • Barbell Shoulder Press


    • Close-Grip Bench Press


    • Decline Sit-Up

    Day 2: Legs Workout
    Quadriceps (Do both)

    • Leg Extension

    • Barbell Squat


    • Leg Curl

    Calves (Select one)

    • Standing Calf Raise

    • Donkey Calf Raise

    • Seated Calf Raise

    • Straight Leg Raise

    Day 3: Pull Workout
    Back (Select one)

    • Chin-Up

    • Wide-Grip Pull-Down

    Back (Select one)

    • Barbell Row

    • Seated Cable Row

    • Dumbbell Row


    • Barbell Curl

    Abs (Do all)

    • Incline Leg Raise

    • Bench Leg Raise

    • Vertical Leg Raise


    • Overview

    • My Weight-Based Needs

    • Meal Plan: 1600 Calories

    • Meal Plan: 1800 Calories

    • Meal Plan: 2000 Calories

    • Meal Plan: 2200 Calories

    • Meal Plan: 2400 Calories

    Progress Tracker
    About HK

    About the Author

    Nick Evans, BSc, MD, FRCS (Orth), is an orthopedic surgeon specializing in sport injury. He studied medicine at the University of London, England, and trained in orthopedic surgery at the University Hospital of Wales. Evans gained additional skills in arthroscopic surgery at the Southern California Center for Sports Medicine and the University of California at Los Angeles.

    Evans is a highly regarded authority on strength training, nutrition, and weight training injuries. He is an expert on musculoskeletal anatomy and has written for numerous scientific publications. Evans is the author of the book Men’s Body Sculpting and was a regular columnist for MuscleMag International and Oxygen Women’s Fitness magazines. He is also featured in several instructional DVDs on weight training.

    Evans practices and resides in North Yorkshire, England.


    “Evans lays Men’s Body Sculpting out in clear, practical steps that take the guesswork out of bodybuilding and fitness regimens.”

    Jim Schmaltz

    Editor in Chief, Muscle & Body magazine

    “When it comes to body sculpting, Nick’s knowledge is unmatched. His book Men’s Body Sculpting offers essential advice for men wanting to improve their health, fitness, and appearance.”

    Kris Gethin

    Editor in Chief,