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Kettlebell Training: Chapter 1. The Kettlebell Advantage eBook chapter

Kettlebell Training: Chapter 1. The Kettlebell Advantage eBook chapter

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    Enjoy a free sample of the e-book Kettlebell Training by downloading the first chapter: "The Kettlebell Advantage.”

    If you enjoy the FREE e-book chapter, please check out the rest of the book, written by Steve Cotter, the man who Sean Skahan, Strength and Conditioning Coach to the Anaheim Ducks, says “taught me the basics of kettlebell lifting at a time when I didn’t have any clue about kettlebells.”

    About the Author

    Steve Cotter draws from a diverse background as a champion athlete and cutting-edge trainer in developing some of the most exciting programs in strength and conditioning today. He continues to research and implement the most effective training methods in kettlebell training, martial arts, qigong, strength and conditioning, athletics, and the human performance fields.

    Cotter shares his years of experience as a martial artist, world-class athlete, and fitness coach in designing and supervising programs for those who take their training seriously. He is the founder and director of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF) and an international lecturer and teacher in more than 40 countries. He consults with numerous professional sport teams, including the NFL's San Francisco 49ers and San Diego Chargers; Major League Baseball's Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, and Los Angeles Dodgers; and the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks. He is a subject matter expert to the U.S. Navy SEALs, a strength and conditioning trainer for the United States Marines, and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA).

    Cotter is also the creator of both the authoritative Encyclopedia of Kettlebell Lifting DVD series and the Full KOntact Kettlebells System and best-selling DVD series.


    "There is no one better suited to write the book on kettlebell training than Steve Cotter. If you are looking to get fit or take your athletic ability to the next level, you have both the tool and the teacher to get you there."  

    David Weck-- Inventor and CEO BOSU Fitness, LLC, Creator of WeckMethod

    “Steve Cotter taught me the basics of kettlebell lifting at a time when I didn’t have any clue about kettlebells. They’ve become a staple in my training program and my athletes’ programs ever since.”

    Sean Skahan --Strength and Conditioning Coach, Anaheim Ducks