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JSR Part I: Evidence-Based Practice Online CE Course

JSR Part I: Evidence-Based Practice Online CE Course

$244.95 CAD


Product Format
    The package components are as follows:
    • A collection of 10 articles from Journal of Sport Rehabilitation
    • Continuing education exam (accessed online)
    JSR Part I: Evidence-Based Practice CE Course supports the initiative in the health professions to integrate the best new research and evidence into clinical decision making with the goal of improving patient outcomes. Certified athletic trainers completing this course may earn continuing education units to apply toward the required evidence-based practice category to maintain their certification.

    This online continuing education course includes a collection of 10 articles originally published in Journal of Sport Rehabilitation (JSR). These articles present research on topics such as functional performance measures in youth following lower-extremity injury, effects of physical therapy visits following ACL reconstruction, and musculoskeletal conditions of the hip and other associated factors that influence squat performance. The articles are followed by an online exam containing 100 questions. Upon passing the exam, you may print out and submit a certificate for continuing education credits.

    Evidence-based practice is becoming the standard for all allied health professionals. The articles in this course support the concept of seeking out and evaluating relevant research so you can apply it to your daily practice to aid your athletes.


    A continuing education course for certified athletic trainers and physical therapists seeking further education in evidence-based practice.
    “Regeneration of Skeletal Muscle After Eccentric Injury”
    Jeffrey J. Dueweke, Tariq M. Awan, and Christopher L. Mendias
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2017, 26, 171-179
    © 2017 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “Modulation of Stretch-Shortening-Cycle Behavior With Eccentric Loading of Triceps Surae: A Possible Therapeutic Mechanism”
    James R. Debenham, William I. Gibson, Mervyn J. Travers, Amity C. Campbell, and Garry T. Allison
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2017, 26, 151-158
    © 2017 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “Hip Musculoskeletal Conditions and Associated Factors That Influence Squat Performance: A Systematic Review”
    Scott W. Cheatham, Kyle R. Stull, Mike Fantigrassi, and Ian Montel
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2018, 27, 263-273
    © 2018 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “Functional Performance Measures Used for Return-to-Sport Criteria in Youth Following Lower-Extremity Injury”
    Christie Powell, Jody Jensen, and Samantha Johnson
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2018, 27, 581-590
    © 2018 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “Effect of Physical Therapy Visits on Clinical Outcomes Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction With and Without Concurrent Meniscal Repair”
    Jesse C. Christensen, Caitlin J. Miller, Ryan D. Burns, and Hugh S. West
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2019, 28, 24-32
    © 2019 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “The Long-Term Impact of Osteoarthritis Following Knee Surgery in Former College Athletes”
    Janet E. Simon, Dustin R. Grooms, and Carrie L. Docherty
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2019, 28, 33-38
    © 2019 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “Stretching Exercises for Subacromial Impingement Syndrome: Effects of 6-Week Program on Shoulder Tightness, Pain, and Disability Status”
    Elif Turgut, Irem Duzgun, and Gul Baltaci
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2018, 27, 132-137
    © 2018 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “Effectiveness of a Home-Based Eccentric-Exercise Program on the Torque-Angle Relationship of the Shoulder External Rotators: A Pilot Study”
    Timothy L. Uhl, Thomas Rice, Brianna Papotto, and Timothy A. Butterfield
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2017, 26, 141-150
    © 2017 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “Infraspinatus Cross-Sectional Area and Shoulder Range of Motion Change Following Live-Game Baseball Pitching”
    Brett S. Pexa, Eric D. Ryan, Elizabeth E. Hibberd, Elizabeth Teel, Terri Jo Rucinski, and Joseph B. Myers
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2019, 28, 236-242
    © 2019 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    “Comparison of Shoulder Protraction Strength and Electromyography Activity of Serratus Anterior and Pectoralis Major in Subjects With or Without a Winged Scapula”
    Jun-Seok Kim, Moon-Hwan Kim, Duk-Hyun Ahn, and Jae-Seop Oh
    Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, 2019, 28, 272-277
    © 2019 Human Kinetics, Inc.

    Continuing Education Exam
    The editorial mission of Journal of Sport Rehabilitation (JSR) is to advance the understanding of all aspects of sport rehabilitation, particularly in the areas of therapeutic exercise, therapeutic modalities, injury evaluation, and the psychological aspects of rehabilitation. JSR publishes peer-reviewed original research, systematic reviews and meta-analyses, critically appraised topics (CATs), case studies and series, and technical reports that directly affect the management and rehabilitation of injuries incurred during sport-related activities, irrespective of the individual’s age, gender, sport ability, level of fitness, or health status. The journal is intended to provide an international, multidisciplinary forum to serve the needs of all members of the sports medicine team, including athletic trainers and therapists, sport physical therapists and physiotherapists, sports medicine physicians, and other health care and medical professionals.

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