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Hitting Edge, The

Hitting Edge, The

$27.95 CAD


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    Hitting a hard-thrown baseball is one of the most difficult skills in sports. The Hitting Edge simplifies the task by focusing on key features common in every successful hitter's swing: dynamic balance, sequential rotation, axis of rotation, and bat lag.

    Author Tom Robson identified these hitting “absolutes” through extensive video analysis and research and his on-field role as a major league hitting coach. He confirmed the importance of the four factors by studying the best hitters of the modern era, such as Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire, and working with top batsmen like Rafael Palmeiro and John Olerud. And a hitter doesn't need to be an all-star to benefit from Robson's instruction, because it applies across all levels of competition and allows for all types of individual swing styles.

    Robson also recognizes that batters aren't robots, and human factors sometimes interfere with hitting mechanics. So he also teaches how to develop better focus and a more positive attitude at the plate.

    But it takes more than the right stroke to develop consistent contact and power. Focus. Split-second timing. An eye for the perfect pitch. Great hitting requires all these elements and more. Much of The Hitting Edge is dedicated to the physical and mental details of preparing for the pitch, followed by six information-packed chapters on the mechanics of the swing.

    Loaded with concise instruction, skill demonstration, photos, effective drills, and more, Robson's book cleans up where other hitting books strike out. Take the knowledge available in this book with you to every at-bat and you'll have The Hitting Edge.

    Chapter 1. Attitude
    Chapter 2. Focus
    Chapter 3. Timing
    Chapter 4. Balance
    Chapter 5. Recognition
    Chapter 6. Rotation
    Chapter 7. Front-Side Blocking
    Chapter 8. Bat Lag and Angle
    Chapter 9. High Finish
    Chapter 10. Practice
    Chapter 11. Conditioning

    As a major league hitting coach for 12 years, Tom Robson knows what it takes to become a great hitter. A former Minor League Player of the Year and Pacific Coast MVP, Robson has coached hundreds of big leaguers, including Rafael Palmeiro, John Olerud, and Mike Piazza.

    Robson works with Bio-Kinetics, a company that uses computer-generated, three-dimensional motion analysis to help athletes maximize performance through proper biomechanics. He lives in Tempe, Arizona.

    Even if you have the ability to hit you still need great information and lots of reinforcement to keep getting better. The Hitting Edge gives you that information and inspiration, just as Tom's coaching has helped me become a productive Major League hitter.

    Edgardo Alfonzo
    San Francisco Giants

    In working with Tom the past 15 years, I've seen him make bad hitters good and good hitters better. This book will give the true essence of hitting to those who want to learn.

    Bobby Valentine