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Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers With Web Resource

Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers With Web Resource

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    In elementary schools across the United States, teachers often are tasked with teaching health education or physical education, although they may not have specialist training. Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers: An Integrated Approach is the perfect resource for these educators. It covers both health and physical education, giving current and preservice teachers the skills to deliver appropriate lessons to their young students.

    Retta Evans and Sandra Sims, respected educators and physical education advocates, provide everything teachers need to seamlessly incorporate health education and physical education into an integrated curriculum. Based on national health education, physical education, and state-specific academic standards including the Common Core State Standards, this is a guide that will help teachers empower elementary students to become healthy and active.

    The text is complemented with a full suite of ancillary products:
    • Sample syllabus and course outline
    • Chapter resources, including an overview, outline, review questions with answers, and learning activities
    • Chapter questions to help in creating quick assessments of student learning or in building custom tests
    • Approximately 250 slides to reinforce key points
    The text also features lab exercises that allow students to practice the material they are learning, including designing their own standards-based lesson plans that integrate health and physical education. By using the invaluable strategies in this book, every teacher will be equipped to create a healthy and active school environment that maximizes student achievement.

    Health and Physical Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers is organized into two parts, each dedicated to different components of incorporating health and physical education into the elementary classroom.

    Part I focuses on the foundational knowledge needed for teaching health and physical education. It addresses the health risk behaviors of today’s generation of students, a team approach to coordinated school health, how physical growth and brain development in children are related to health, and the many characteristics and benefits of a high-quality physical education program.

    Part II emphasizes the strategies necessary for incorporating health, physical education, and physical activity into the curriculum and school day. It discusses how teachers can become advocates of healthy and active schools, identify habits that promote everyday health in the classroom, and incorporate physical activity and the national standards into each school day. It also presents teaching methods, assessment tools, and evaluation strategies to ensure teaching success.

    Throughout this book, practicing teachers and teachers in training will find websites, tips for best practices, sample lesson plans, and tables with innovative strategies. The result is a great resource that teachers can use to fulfill what is both a tremendous responsibility and a unique opportunity: promoting health and wellness in the elementary classroom using an integrated approach.


    Text for undergraduate methods courses on teaching physical education and health education. Reference for elementary classroom teachers.

    Table of Contents

    A Note from SHAPE America
    Part I Role of Health and Physical Education in the Classroom
    Chapter 1. Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds
    Defining Health in the 21st Century
    History of Health in Culture
    History of Health in the United States
    Health Today in the United States
    Individual Behaviors and Health
    Responsibility of Classroom Teachers
    Chapter 2. Coordinated School Health: A Team Approach
    National School Policies Focusing on Nutrition and Physical Activity
    Need for Collaboration Between Education and Health
    Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child (WSCC) Model
    Applying the WSCC Model
    Best Practices
    Role of Teachers
    Chapter 3. Health Education
    Growth and Development
    Improving Health Behavior
    Learning Styles
    Comprehensive School Health Education
    Chapter 4. Physical Education
    Defining Physical Activity
    Defining Physical Education
    Standard 1
    Standard 2
    Standard 3
    Standard 4
    Standard 5
    Part II How to Integrate Health and Physical Education Into the Classroom
    Chapter 5. Advocating for a Healthy, Active School
    Advocacy inthe Classroom
    Advocacy in the School
    Advocacy Ideas forParents and the Community
    Advocacy Tips for Using a Media Source
    Advocacy Tips for Policymakers and Administrators
    Chapter 6. Creating a Healthy Classroom
    Classroom Health for Every Day
    Classroom Health Throughout the Year
    Dimensions of a Healthy Classroom
    Back-to-School Supply List
    Unhealthy Teaching Practices
    Chapter 7. Creating an Active Classroom
    Activity Breaks and Brain Breaks
    Integrating Movement Into Academic Lessons
    Equipment Needs for an Active Classroom
    Class Management and Organization
    Inappropriate Practices
    Class Behavior Management
    Chapter 8. Integrating Health Education Into the Classroom
    National Standards for Academic Performance
    National Health Education Standards (NHES)
    Brainstorm Integration Ideas
    Link Health Education Standards With Academic Standards
    Develop Grade-Specific Interdisciplinary Activities
    Develop an Integrated Activity Plan
    Chapter 9. Integrating Physical Education Into the Classroom
    National Standards for Academic Performance
    National Standards for K-12 Physical Education
    Brainstorm Integration Ideas
    Link Physical Education Standards With Academic Standards
    Develop Grade-Specific Interdisciplinary Activities
    Develop an Integrated Activity Plan
    Chapter 10 Best Practices in the Classroom and Beyond
    Planning Ahead
    Teaching Methods That Work
    Assessment of Learning
    Learning Environment
    Professional Development
    Supporting Policies That Encourage Wellness
    National Health Education Standards
    National Physical Education Standards
    About the Authors

    About the Author

    Retta R. Evans, PhD, is associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a master certified health education specialist. Dr. Evans has spent more than sixteen yearsteaching and mentoring aspiring health educators at the undergraduate and graduate levels. During this time she has also worked to improve health curricula and develop health initiatives in schools. With the Alabama State Department of Education, she has revised the state course of study in health education and is part of a team that worked with school systems to implement comprehensive physical activity plans across Alabama. Dr. Evans received the Health Educator of the Year Award from the Alabama State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance as well as the College/University Health Education Professional of the Year Award from the Southern District Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance. Dr. Evans was principal investigator on a National Institute of Health grant investigating the effective of classroom-based physical activity on cognitive performance in elementary-aged children.

    Sandra K. Sims, PhD, associate professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, has more than two decades of experience as a public school teacher. Since 2005 she has taught physical education methods courses as well as the course for elementary classroom teachers integrating physical education and health education into the classroom. Besides being named Physical Education Teacher of the Year for Alabama and Southern District SHAPE America for two years, Sims was selected as Teacher of the Year for her school, system, state, and district.


    The web resource includes sample lesson plans that show how to integrate health education and physical education into the existing curriculum. Organized by health education and physical education standards, two lesson plans exist for each standard. Electronic versions of the following material from the book are included:
    • Review Questions
    • Resources
    • Glossary
    • Lab assignments
    The instructor guide includes a sample syllabus and course outline, a chapter outline, answers to review questions, and additional learning activities.

    All ancillary materials for this text are FREE to course adopters and available online at