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Great Medicine Ball Handbook, The

Great Medicine Ball Handbook, The

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    The trend in fitness is toward core strength; strong abdominals, obliques and back muscles. The core group of muscles are often the initial source of physical movement, therefore, having a strong core is crucial to both sport success for the athlete and functional movement for the average person. Because of it's size, weight, and easy handling ability, the medicine ball is an excellent exercise tool for working the core. The Great Medicine Ball handbook is printed in color; 64 pages.


    Fitness enthusiast, fitness professional

    Table of Contents

    General Guidelines
    Body Diagrams
    Medicine Balls & Accessories
    Safe Exercise Flow Chart
    Medicine Ball Technique & Safety
    Aerobic Training
    Sample Routine
    Medicine Ball Exercises
    Side to Side
    Bent over Twist
    Standing Twist
    Crossover Twist
    Reverse Crunch
    “V” Bend
    Ball Rollout
    Pelvic Thrust
    Crunch with Ball Roll
    Pullover Sit-up
    Sit-up Pass
    Standing Side Bend
    Bent Legged Deadlift
    Lying Trunk Twist
    Seated Twist
    Over/Under Pass
    Outside Rotation?Pass
    Inside Rotation Pass
    Lying Extension
    Lower Body
    Squat and Jump
    Under Leg Pass
    Jump and 180 Twist
    Knee Rotation
    T Exercise
    Split Squat
    Penguin Waddle
    Squat and Reach
    Reverse Lunge
    Side Lunge
    Upper Body
    Front Raise
    Standing Side Reach
    Shoulder Twist
    Tricep Extension
    Giant Circles
    Throws and Catches
    Side Toss
    Overhead Toss
    Sit and Toss
    Shot Put
    Seated Side Toss
    Overhead Side Pass
    Kick Toss
    Overhead Throw
    Kneel and Throw
    Sit-up and Throw
    Quarterback Pass
    Underhand Pass
    Rotator Cuff
    Rotator Cuff 1
    Rotator Cuff 2
    Rotator Cuff 3
    Rotator Cuff 4
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    About the Author

    André Noel Potvin is a fitness educator and rehabilitation exercise specialist with 28 years of leadership experience and 18 years of specialization in clinical exercise and post-injury rehabilitation. André holds a M.Sc. in cardiac rehabilitation from the University of British Columbia, where he served for 4 years on the teaching faculty of the School of Human Kinetics. He is a certified Clinical Exercise Specialist (CES) of the American Council on Exercise and an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Trainer. André is also founding president and owner of INFOFIT Educators School for Fitness Professionals and a BCRPA Trainer of fitness leaders. Andre was awarded as the BCRPA Educator of the Year and BCRPA Program Director of the Year.