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Great Kettlebell Handbook, The

Great Kettlebell Handbook, The

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    This handbook shows you 45 basic and advanced dumbbell exercises using clear descriptions and illustrated photos. It also includes tips on stretching, creating your own program and setting up a mini-gym. Muscle anatomy diagrams and an accessory guide make your workouts easier, safer and more efficient. Printed in color; 64 pages.


    Fitness enthusiast, fitness professional

    Table of Contents

    The Kettlebell
    Torso Stabilization
    Muscle Diagrams
    Safety Guidelines
    Safe Exercise Flow Chart
    Kettlebell Safety
    How to Grip a Kettlebell
    How to Pick Up a Kettlebell
    The Racked Position
    Assist to Racked Position
    Lying Pick Up
    The Hinge
    Kettlebell Exercises
    Swing: Single-Arm
    Swing: Two-Handed
    The Switch
    The Clean
    Overhead Push Press
    Military Press: One-Arm
    Side Press
    Double Overhead Press
    Alternating Overhead Press
    Floor Press: Single-Arm
    Floor Press: Double-Arm
    Half Get-Up
    Turkish Get-Up: Lunge Style
    Turkish Get-Up: Squat Style
    Split Lunge
    Front Squat
    Overhead Squat
    Face the Wall Squat
    Reverse Lunge
    Tactical Lunge
    Romanian Deadlift
    Suitcase Deadlift
    Bent-Over Row
    Staggered Bent-Over Row
    Planked Row
    Setting Up the Windmill
    Windmill: Low Position
    Option 1
    Option 2
    Windmill: High Position        
    Option 1
    Option 2
    Single-Leg Pick Up
    Figure 8’s
    Russian Twist
    Twisting Crunch
    Bridge with Towel
    Working out with Kettlebells
    Cardio Routine
    Endurance Routine
    Fitness Routine
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    About the Author

    Since his first kettlebell certification with the Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC), Jim has completed four additional application certifications with both the RKC and the American Kettlebell Club (AKC). Jim continues to study the kettlebell's application for sport and performance through workshops under the tutelage of Pavel Tsatsouline, Valery Federenko, Steve Cotter and Marty Farrel to only name a few. And he is actively practicing his craft working with clients, conducting workshops and educating the public. Jim's coaching philosophy is one he shares with his students, clients and colleagues: "My purpose is to create an awareness... to educate coaches and their athletes on the merits of kettlebell lifting both as a training protocol and as a sport...I am here to serve, and to instruct technique that is safe and highly effective".