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Football's Eagle & Stack Defenses eBook

Football's Eagle & Stack Defenses eBook

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    Multiple formation and motion offenses of the modern football era present many defensive challenges. Football’s Eagle & Stack Defenses will prepare teams and individual players to not only defend but also attack and dominate whatever offensive tactics an opponent might employ.

    Author Ron Vanderlinden has been coach and architect of several of the most formidable defensive teams in the past 20 seasons. From the University of Colorado’s national champions in 1990 to Northwestern’s Big Ten title–winning team in 1995 to the revitalized, high-pursuit Penn State attack, Vanderlinden’s well-drilled defensive players and units have enjoyed tremendous success.

    Now, in this book, you can learn all the details of the defensive tactics and techniques as well as the coaching points that can make these two defenses so effective. No other book combines these fronts, and there is no one better equipped than Vanderlinden to put them together in a variety of game situations that will allow your defense to control your opponent’s offense. Football’s Eagle & Stack Defenses will be your best defensive co-coordinator for this season and many seasons to come.


    Part I Foundational Elements
    Chapter 1. High-Pursuit Philosophy and Tactics
    Chapter 2. Gap Designations and Role Playing

    Part II Eagle Defense
    Chapter 3. Eagle Alignments
    Chapter 4. Eagle Coverage Calls
    Chapter 5. Eagle Stunt Packages
    Chapter 6. Eagle Versus Common Running Plays

    Part III Stack Defense
    Chapter 7. Stack Alignments
    Chapter 8. Stack Coverage Calls
    Chapter 9. Stack Stunt Packages
    Chapter 10. Stack Versus Common Running Plays

    Part IV Eagle-Stack Combos
    Chapter 11. Eagle with Stack Modifications
    Chapter 12. Stack with Eagle Modifications

    Part V Reads, Stances, and Techniques
    Chapter 13. Defensive Linemen
    Chapter 14. Linebackers
    Chapter 15. Defensive Backs

    Part VI Situational Preparation And Execution
    Chapter 16. Goal Line Defense
    Chapter 17. Game Planning
    Chapter 18. Player Organization and Critical Situations