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Focused for Fastpitch

Focused for Fastpitch

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    Focused for Fastpitch combines the best qualities of a drill book and a softball-specific guide to sport psychology, ensuring that come game time everyone will play at peak performance.

    Informative yet easy to read, mastering the Focused for Fastpitch training principles requires no prior experience, and each chapter includes interactive exercises and charts to help monitor progress. Each drill clearly specifies the mental and physical skills targeted, the goal, proper execution, coaching tips, and variations for increasing or decreasing difficulty. And for additional insight into successful skill building, some favorite drills are included from these top coaches:
    • Gayle Blevins, University of Iowa
    • Tami Brown, All-American Softball School’s College Prep Program
    • Connie Clark, University of Texas
    • Michelle Gromacki, California State University, Fullerton
    • Jacquie Joseph, Michigan State University
    • Brian Kolze, University of the Pacific
    • Patrick Murphy, University of Alabama
    • Coaching staff, University of California, Davis
    • John Reeves, University of California
    • Kathy Strahan, California State University, Sacramento

    Integrating concentration, confidence, mental imagery, and energy regulation at practice with softball-specific drills will result in players reaching their potential far sooner than practicing any of these aspects alone. Applying the information in Focused for Fastpitch is the best way to gain the advantage.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Mentaphysical Training
    Train the mind to improve the body’s performance.

    Chapter 2 Thinking the Game
    Utilize constructive attitudes and routines to gain the edge.

    Chapter 3 Hitting
    Relax and regroup to stay in the zone.

    Chapter 4 Bunting
    Execute the short game with patience and precision.

    Chapter 5 Baserunning
    Build awareness and confidence to score runs.

    Chapter 6 Infield Defense
    Read, react, and respond with better results.

    Chapter 7 Outfield Defense
    Sustain focus to save the game.

    Chapter 8 Pitching
    Shape the game from the circle.

    Chapter 9 Catching
    Manage the game from behind the plate.

    Chapter 10 Team Building
    Enhance cohesion through communication.

    About the Author

    Gloria Solomon, PhD is an assistant professor of kinesiology at California State University at Sacramento. She is a certified AAASP sport psychology consultant and serves as a consultant for the Sacramento State athletic department. She has been working as team consultant for the softball team for two years. Solomon currently resides in Sacramento, California and in her free time she enjoys biking, kayaking, running, playing tennis, reading, and supporting the Sacramento Monarchs.

    Andrea Becker is a graduate student of sport psychology at California State University at Sacramento. Becker played softball at CSUS for four seasons and has since served as a graduate assistant coach and sport psychology intern for the softball program. In addition, she has numerous playing and coaching experiences at various levels of competition in the Amateur Softball Association summer leagues. Becker resides in Folsom, California, and enjoys participating in sports, physical activity, and all other outdoor activities.


    The mental game isn't a mystery; it's a skill that is attainable with practice. With drills that facilitate working on mental skills in situations encountered during games, Focused for Fastpitch will help players make the leap from making great plays occasionally to making great plays regularly.

    Rhonda Revelle
    Head softball coach
    University of Nebraska

    Focused for Fastpitch is a great tool for any coach or athlete wondering what it takes to get to the next level. The mental side of the game is what raises the bar from good to great. Learn to be great with Focused for Fastpitch.

    Michele Smith
    Two-time Olympic gold medalist
    10-time ASA All-American