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Fitness for Life Lifetime Fitness DVD

Fitness for Life Lifetime Fitness DVD

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    NOTE: In addition to the DVD described below, the following instructional aids for Fitness for Life, the best-selling high school health-related fitness textbook, may also be purchased separately:

    • a related DVD on wellness topics;
    • a lesson plans CD-ROM (print version available upon request) that provide a plan for every day of the course, whether it is taught as a semester course or a yearlong course;
    • teacher’s resources and materials CD-ROM that includes a variety of materials for use in class;
    • Activity and Vocabulary cards on CD-ROM;
    • Presentation package that includes a complete PowerPoint® presentation for each lesson in the book;
    • a Spanish E-book version of the textbook;
    • Physical Activity Pyramid posters;
    • an In-Service DVD;
    • and more!

    For more information on these items, see the list under "Companion Resources" below, or visit the Fitness for Life Web site.

    This item is one of many supplemental teaching materials available for use with the Fitness for Life program. Contact your K-12 sales representative at Human Kinetics, 800-747-4457, (click here for the contact information for your sales person`s direct contact informat) for more information and regarding bulk purchases. For more information on Fitness for Life, please visit

    Teenagers often seem to think they’re immortal—they believe that their bodies are resistant to most health problems. This can make it hard to get them to care about physical activity and health-related fitness. The latest research shows that many young adults are less active than they should be, placing them at increased risk for heart disease and other serious health risks. As many as 50 percent of American adults do not get enough physical activity for optimal health benefits, and there is evidence that sedentary lifestyles actually begin to develop in the teen years.

    Now there’s a new video series that speaks to teens on their own level, in a way they can understand, about the benefits of lifetime physical activity. What’s more, the series provides specific tools that teens can use to assess their personal fitness and develop realistic individual fitness and physical activity goals.

    Chuck Corbin’s Fitness for Life Videos prepare students to take responsibility for their own activity and fitness levels—for the rest of their lives. The worldwide leader on the subject, Chuck Corbin, has developed these all-new videos. Dr. Corbin is the author of more than 200 professional and research publications and more than 30 books—including the popular award-winning books Concepts of Physical Fitness and Fitness for Life.

    Chuck Corbin’s Fitness for Life DVDs provide your students with in-depth knowledge of health-related fitness and lifetime physical activity presented in an engaging manner that will motivate as well as instruct. The videos will help your students learn to practice goal setting; think critically about health-related fitness; and become responsible for their own activity, fitness, and health. The videos will also help prepare your students to participate in the FITNESSGRAM physical fitness test and the FitSmart National Health-Related Fitness Knowledge Test.

    The package includes five 25-minute video segments:

    • Introduction to Lifelong Physical Fitness
    • Cardiovascular Fitness
    • Muscle Fitness
    • Flexibility
    • Body Composition

    The segments are designed to convince teenagers—many of whom feel immune to most health risks—that they need to learn and care about fitness. Operating at a level teens can understand, each segment begins by showing the immediate benefits of physical activity, then providing specific tools that teens can use to assess their personal fitness and develop realistic individual fitness goals.

    The first segment provides an introduction to the benefits of lifelong physical activity. It presents an overview of each of the five components of health-related fitness (aerobic fitness, muscular endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, and body composition) and introduces the five steps to lifelong fitness:

    • Exercise
    • Physical fitness
    • Personal exercise patterns or habits
    • Self-testing
    • Problem solving (making informed consumer choices on fitness equipment and exercise activities)

    The introductory segment also provides information about the amount of fitness and physical activity necessary to reap health and other benefits so that students learn how much physical activity is enough.

    Each of the other four segments on the DVD focuses on a different component of fitness. Each segment begins by spelling out exactly why that particular aspect of fitness is important. Next it provides tools so that students can assess their current fitness levels and interpret their assessment results, including those in FITNESSGRAM/ACTIVITYGRAM. Finally, each segment draws from a physical activity pyramid to show a wide variety of lifetime activities that are appropriate for promoting the desired aspect of fitness. The segments demonstrate the proper techniques for each activity, then show students how to set realistic goals and plan a personal physical activity program to promote lifelong fitness.

    Even those who have a limited background in physical education can teach and motivate students to become more physically active with this DVD. The DVDs are designed to meet National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards as well as many states’ standards.

    Fitness leading to improved quality and quantity of life is the ultimate result of lifetime physical activity. Use Chuck Corbin’s Fitness for Life DVDs to show your students how to make regular physical activity an integral part of their lives.

    The other DVD in the series, Wellness, covers wellness topics related to the corresponding content in the Fitness for Life textbook.


    Resource for middle and secondary level physical education teachers; companion resource for the textbook, Fitness for Life.

    About the Author

    Charles B. Corbin, PhD, has dedicated his life to promoting fitness and physical activity for people of all ages, with a special emphasis on youth. Chuck Corbin is respected by researchers and teachers alike. He has keynoted more than 35 state HPERD conventions and was named an Alliance Scholar by AAHPERD, and a Distinguished Scholar by NAPEHE. He was recognized in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation and Dance as one of the most respected scholars in his field, and he has received the Healthy American Fitness Leader Award from the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, the national Jaycees, and All State Insurance.

    Corbin has delivered keynote speeches in more than 10 different countries and has presented seminars at more than 80 universities worldwide. He has authored more than 200 professional and research publications and more than 30 books, including Concepts of Physical Fitness, tenth edition (a college text that received the prestigious McGuffey Award) and Fitness for Life, (available from Human Kinetics), a best-selling high school physical education text that received the Textbook Authors Association's Texty Award. These books have been used by hundreds of thousands of students worldwide for more than 35 years.

    Corbin is a fellow and a T.K. Cureton lecturer of the American College of Sports Medicine as well as a charter member of the FITNESSGRAM Advisory Board, former president of the American Academy of Kinesiology and Physical Education, and former editor of Quest. His many honors and awards include the AAHPERD Honor Award, AAHPERD's Physical Fitness Council Award, and the Better Health and Living National Award.

    Currently a professor in the department of exercise and wellness at Arizona State University, Corbin also serves as a curriculum consultant to multiple school districts and as coeditor of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Research Digest. He enjoys playing basketball, tennis, and slow pitch softball in his free time. He and his wife, Cathie, live in Phoenix, Arizona.