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Field Hockey Techniques & Tactics

Field Hockey Techniques & Tactics

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    In Field Hockey Techniques & Tactics, Olympic gold medalist Claire Mitchell-Taverner presents the skills and offensive and defensive systems that helped the Hockeyroos dominate the world stage for nearly a decade and revolutionize the game of field hockey.

    Elevate your trapping, receiving, passing, dribbling, and shooting by learning the finer technical points of each attacking skill. Perfect your defensive techniques in anticipating opponents` moves and intercepting passes, making strong tackles, and creating eliminations to regain possession and set up additional attacks. And gain firsthand insights for the communicating and decision making required for excelling as a team.

    Citing the aggressive attacking and defensive moves that the Hockeyroos used to win gold at every major international level over a 9-year span, Mitchell-Taverner places emphasis on applying the press, using man-to-man marking, and zoning up. She also teaches the keys to setting up breakaways and 2-on-1s; maintaining possession of the ball; and executing set plays like penalty corners, free hits outside the circle, and long corners.

    Higher-level skill development and savvier play are a winning combination against tough competition. Use Field Hockey Techniques & Tactics to boost your performance and expand your knowledge of the game.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Mastering the Basics
    Chapter 1. Trapping and Receiving
    Chapter 2. Passing
    Chapter 3. Dribbling
    Chapter 4. Leading
    Chapter 5. Tackling and Intercepting
    Chapter 6. Drags and Eliminations
    Chapter 7. Goal Shooting
    Chapter 8. Goalkeeping

    Part II: Playing the Game
    Chapter 9.Team Communication
    Chapter 10. Styles of Play
    Chapter 11. Breakaways and Counterattacks
    Chapter 12. Set Plays
    Chapter 13. Penalty Corners
    Chapter 14. Peak Player Fitness

    About the Author

    Claire Mitchell-Taverner has been rated one of the world's best female goal-scoring midfielders over the past decade, with 180 international matches and 47 goals to her credit.

    A member of gold medal-winning teams at every level of international competition, including the Olympic Games, World Cup, Champion Trophy's and Commonwealth Games, Mitchell-Taverner broke in with the Australian national team in 1993. She was a consistent member of the Hockeyroos women's field hockey team through a period that has earmarked them as Australia's most successful sports team ever. She retired from international competition in 2001.

    Mitchell-Taverner enjoys sharing her love for the game and her knowledge of it by speaking at corporate functions, sports clubs, and schools. She has been on several television and radio shows and serves as the expert hockey commentator on major events for ABC Radio in Australia. She is also a regular contributor and columnist for the Sunday Age.

    Mitchell-Taverner resides in St. Kilda, Australia.


    This is an innovative book that explains the finer points of hockey in a straightforward, logical manner while acknowledging the all-important basic skills of the game. The book is unique because it is written by a former player who has been very successful at all levels of the game. She incorporates the experience, advice, and knowledge of a number of specific skill experts who have excelled in the sport at the highest level. There is something valuable in this book for players of all ages and stages.

    Rechelle Hawkes OAM
    Olympic gold medalist (1988, 1996, 2000), former Hockeyroos captain and veteran of 279 international matches (1985-2000)

    Claire Mitchell-Taverner has successfully used her experience as a player and her association with other great players to lucidly outline how hockey can and should be played. Every hockey enthusiast can learn something from this book. I know I did.

    Dr. Richard Charlesworth
    Former coach of Australian Women's Hockey Team (1993-2000)
    World cup champions (1994, 1998), Olympic gold medalists (1996 and 2000)