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    Fencing: Steps to Success covers all of the essential skills of the epee and foil forms of fencing. This book will serve as the perfect training guide for less experienced fencers and students of fencing, as well as a valuable reference for instructors of this highly technical sport.

    One of the most recognized fencing figures in the United States, author Elaine Cheris shares her expertise as both a fencer and instructor. In each progressive learning step, she carefully describes each major skill, presents sequential illustrations (approximately 150 in all) to show how to perform the skill, and then provides a series of drills to refine the skills through practice. The book's step-by-step teaching method is both challenging and fun for the student, promoting skills development and motivation to learn more. It's the perfect technique-development guide and a valuable reference.

    Having made the U.S. Olympic team in both epee and foil, Cheris covers both forms in this book, giving you a well-rounded introduction to the sport. A highly accomplished instructor, Cheris owns and operates the Cheyenne Fencing Society and has been the chairperson for two World Championships. She has instructed many notable students, including pop music stars Neil Diamond and Jimmy Buffett.

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    Table of Contents

    Step One: On Guard Stance and Mobility: Moving on the Strip
    Step Two: Hitting The Target: Determining Appropriate Distance
    Step Three: Thrust, Lunge, and Recovery: Delivering The Hit to Your Opponent
    Step Four: Engagement and Change of Engagement: Making Contact With Your Opponent
    Step Five: Parry-Riposte High Line: Turning the Tide
    Step Six: Feints, Disengages, and Beats: Taking Charge
    Step Seven: Parry-Riposte Low Line: Defending Against the Stealth Attacks
    Step Eight: Low Line Offensive Moves: Variety Adds Spice to Your Game
    Step Nine: Long-Distance Footwork: Conquering Vast Space

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