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Enrich Your Client's Relaxation Experience Enhanced Online CE Course

Enrich Your Client's Relaxation Experience Enhanced Online CE Course

$70.95 CAD

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    Online Course

    A great relaxation massage is the cornerstone of any massage practice. This course will show you how to set yourself apart from your competition, add new clients, and improve client loyalty all by making sure you’re offering the best relaxation experience from the time your client arrives in your parking lot through the massage and beyond.

    You’ll first evaluate your clients’ current experiences, keeping in mind that what happens in the treatment room is only a fraction of their overall experience. You’ll then learn about adding value through service enhancers, such as footbaths and aromatherapy. Then, you’ll learn to create a proper “frame” for the massage experience by using effective session opening and closing techniques. After that, you’ll be ready to use what you’ve learned to plan the ultimate relaxation experience for your clients. Finally, you’ll discover techniques for marketing relaxation massage.

    This course includes several downloadable forms that you can use to plan and evaluate your current practice and map out your strategy for improvement. Included are forms for self-evaluating your facility, current procedures, and overall practice; a checklist to aid in rating your own session opening and closing methods; and a template for planning your own relaxation sessions. These forms will be useful to you long after you’ve completed this course.

    This 2-hour course concludes with a 20-question test. As with other ABMP online courses, you can download the course outline and audio script to refer back to at any time in the future.

    Table of Contents

    Unit 1. Evaluating the Client’s Experience
    Unit 2. Adding Value with Service Enhancers
    Unit 3. Opening and Closing Sessions
    Unit 4. Planning the Ultimate Relaxation Experience
    Unit 5. Marketing Your Relaxation Massage