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Empower Self-Defense Print CE Course

Empower Self-Defense Print CE Course

$254.95 CAD

Product Format

    Course components are delivered as printed products:

    • Manual

    • 2 DVDs

    • Continuing education exam

    Empower Self-Defense Print CE Course will teach you to demonstrate and perform basic defense strategies and techniques, including proper neutral and defensive stance; evasion and redirection techniques; and skills for the development of maximum power, speed, and accuracy. Help your clients discover the importance of the four types of awareness as they relate to personal security.

    The course addresses specific self-defense techniques and strategies for a multitude of situations and attacks, including strikes, grabs, holds, bear hugs, hammerlocks, and chokes as well as evasion, redirection, loosening, and escape techniques. It also reviews the differences among fitness, martial arts, and self-defense training; discusses proper conditioning for self-defense; and explains the legal liabilities of self-defense. The course concludes with a continuing education exam for credit through participating organizations.

    Course Objectives

    • Explain the four types of awareness as they relate to personal security training (mental, emotional, environmental, and physical).

    • Demonstrate and perform basic self-defense strategies and techniques, including proper neutral and defensive stance; evasion and redirection techniques; and skills for maximal power, speed, and accuracy in the execution of elbow strikes, palm heel strikes, knee strikes, front kicks, side kicks, and stomps.

    • Identify primary and secondary targets for specific techniques.

    • Outline basic personal safety concepts, strategies, and techniques related to strikes and movements.

    • Progressively teach and practice basic self-defense strategies and techniques in the execution against various types of attacks, including chokes, bear hugs, hair grabs, headlocks, full nelson, shoulder and lapel grabs, hammerlocks, and arm bars.

    • Demonstrate how to combine loosening techniques with striking techniques.

    • Teach basic self-defense concepts.

    • Instruct specific methods of cardiorespiratory training that would be required for the performance of physical self-defense activities.

    • Demonstrate safe and proper muscular endurance, strength, and power exercises specific to self-defense technique and movement training.

    • Explain how to apply the concept of progressive overload to self-defense training and conditioning.


    A continuing education course for personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and other fitness professionals.

    Phase 1: Self-Defense Training

    Why Learn Self-Defense?

    Legal Liability

    Fitness Training vs. Self-Defense Training

    Preparation For and Understanding the Potential Consequences of Conflict

    Principles of Personal Security

    Body Language

    Awareness—The Offensive Weapon

    Physical Instruction

    Phase 2: Self-Defense Training

    Martial Arts Training vs. Self-Defense Training

    Legal Liability


    Preparation for Self-Defense Against Grabs & Holds

    Physical Instruction

    Phase 1 & Phase 2: Putting It All Together

    Tim Rochford has been a martial artist since 1978 and holds a sixth-degree black belt in kajukenbo karate. He is a sport karate competitor and was an amateur kickboxer.

    Rochford is the founder of Empower Training Systems (a self-defense and kickboxing fitness instructor training company) and has authored numerous instructor training programs and manuals, including coauthoring the ACE Kickboxing Fitness Specialty Training manual, the Martial Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Training, FitStrike Kickboxing/MMA Fitness Instructor Training, and the Proactive Personal Security Self Defense Instructor Training Program.

    “Tim Rochford has developed a no-nonsense personal protection program that is very well done.”

    D. Ballard—Albany, Oregon

    “This course has a great training manual. I have 30+ years LE experience but little self-defense training. Love the videos and working manual. Thanks!”

    M. Simons—Franklin, Tennessee

    “This course contains the information needed to create a very valuable self-defense training regimen.”

    J. Colt—Depew, New York

    “I think this course covered all aspects of what is needed for a good self-defense course. Thank you.”

    R. Walker—Albuquerque, New Mexico

    “This course increases the knowledge and skill level of professionals and can be customized to everyone. Empower Self-Defense is progressive, stresses the correct procedures to avoid injuries, identifies risks and potential scenarios, emphasizes correct practices and repetition, and provides knowledge that can be used for several different training purposes. It is an excellent course for a beginner as well as for a seasoned instructor. I would highly recommend this course for others.”

    L. Cabanban—Yorkville, Illinois