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Eat Well & Keep Moving Web Resource-3rd Edition

Eat Well & Keep Moving Web Resource-3rd Edition

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    Web Resource

    The material in the Eat Well & Keep Moving web resource will help make nutrition and physical activity a school-wide and community-wide priority. The web resource provides detailed information for food service managers interested in making healthful changes to their school menus; the information includes recipes, preparation tips, promotional materials, classroom tie-ins, and staff training. The web resource also details various approaches to getting parents and family members involved in Eat Well & Keep Moving.

    In addition to the material on involvement of food service workers and parents, the Web Resource contains the following
    • Nutrition, physical activity, and wellness workshops for teachers and teacher training on the curriculum itself
    • The complete fourth- and fifth-grade classroom and physical education lessons including all the forms listed in the materials section
    • Information for school administrators interested in Eat Well & Keep Moving
    • Parent fact sheets and information for parent newsletters
    • A comprehensive list of websites and tools related to nutrition, physical activity, school wellness policy, improving the school environment, parental outreach, and other such topics
    Through these Eat Well & Keep Moving activities, parents and guardians can become models for their children and encourage and support healthy eating practices and active lifestyles for the entire family.