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Developing Speed Print CE Course

Developing Speed Print CE Course

$139.95 CAD

Product Format

    Course components are delivered as printed products:

    • Developing Speed book
    • Study guide
    • Continuing education exam

    Learning Objectives

    At the completion of this course you will be able to do the following:

    • Identify the factors that contribute to speed and the science behind effective speed performance.
    • Explain the technical differences between maximum speed and speed as it relates to an athlete’s ability to improve performance in a variety of sports.
    • Identify the technical requirements for developing high-level running speed.
    • Evaluate speed in athletes using a variety of assessment tools.
    • Design safe and effective training programs for speed to meet specific goals for a variety of sports and activities.
    • Implement a variety of drills and exercises to develop speed to maximize athletic performance.

    Speed has long been recognized as a key component of superior sport performance. Whether chasing a long pass in football or sprinting down the court on a fast break in basketball, a player requires speed in overall ability. Speed does not sprint down a court or chase a long pass; an athlete does. Now with the Developing Speed course, professionals can develop their clients’ speed for elite athletic performance.

    Based on the book of the same name written by eight of the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s top experts, this course is packed with research and recommendations, making it the definitive resource for creating scientifically sound training programs that take speed to the highest level. Using assessments, drills and exercises, and program design, professionals can develop customized regimens or choose from one of the eight sport-specific applications of speed training: baseball, basketball, football, ice hockey, rugby, soccer, tennis, and track.

    The study guide includes a course syllabus, learning objectives, learning activities, and referenced answer key. The study guide emphasizes key concepts of the book to prepare individuals to pass the 75-question exam composed of multiple-choice and true-or-false questions at the completion of the course.

    The Developing Speed Print CE Course is an invaluable resource for strength and conditioning professionals seeking to help clients increase speed and blow past the competition.


    A course for strength and conditioning professionals, personal trainers, athletic trainers, fitness instructors, and other certified professionals.

    Course Syllabus

    Course Materials

    Course Instructions

    Learning Objectives

    Learn and Practice With the Developing Speed Book

    Chapter 1: The Nature of Speed

    Chapter 2: Technical Models of Speed

    Chapter 3: Technical Development of Linear Speed

    Chapter 4: Assessment of Speed

    Chapter 5: Developing Sport-Specific Speed

    Chapter 6: Sport-Specific Speed Training

    Learning Activities Answer Key

    Exam and Evaluation

    Exam Answer Sheet


    Course Evaluation

    Certificate Information

    The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) is the world’s leading organization in the field of sport conditioning. Drawing on the resources and expertise of the most recognized professionals in strength training and conditioning, sport science, performance research, education, and sports medicine, the NSCA is the world’s trusted source of knowledge and training guidelines for coaches and athletes. The NSCA provides the crucial link between the lab and the field.

    Quotes for Developing Speed by the National Strength and Conditioning Association

    Developing Speed is an excellent book for any coach looking to develop sport-specific speed with athletes.”
    —Kevin Cronin, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Colorado College Athletics

    "The tools and resources compiled by the top experts in the field of strength and conditioning do a tremendous job of targeting the performance needs of multiple sports. If you're looking to increase sport-specific speed, Developing Speed has everything you need!"
    —Travis Brown, MS, CSCS*D, Strength Coach XPE Sports