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Dance Technique collection

Dance Technique collection


Human Kinetics’ Dance Technique Collection is a digital instructional tool that’s essential for any institution with a dance program. It’s the only resource of its kind that combines this much authoritative content with user-friendly organization and supporting materials.

Instructors can use the Dance Technique Collection to review material for teaching a course. They also can assign it as a resource to help students study technique outside of class and learn terminology.

This curated collection features 517 video segments (380 minutes of content) and 133 photos of dance technique in a platform that is easily searchable and that users can access from any tablet, phone, or computer. 


The first wave of this digital collection covers multiple topics:

  • Beginning ballet
  • Beginning tap dance
  • Beginning modern dance
  • Beginning jazz dance
  • Beginning musical theatre dance
  • Beginning hip-hop dance
  • Choreographic principles
  • Mexican folkloric dance
  • Dance anatomy and kinesiology


The Dance Technique Collection includes English and Spanish glossaries of terms related to each topic to help students increase their dance literacy and understanding of key terminology. In addition to terms associated with the topics listed above, the collection includes terms related to the following:

  • Basic anatomy and kinesiology
  • Careers in dance
  • Dance forms, genres, and styles
  • Dance production and technology


Human Kinetics’ Dance Technique Collection is a valuable reference for dance instructors as well as a dynamic learning tool for students.

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Individuals can purchase The Dance Technique Collection as a 6-month subscription for $51.95 CAD or a 12-month subscription for $65.95 CAD directly from the HKVideo site. K-12 schools or school districts can order a 1-year institutional subscription. To learn more about a K-12 school or school district subscription, visit the HKVideo site’s Subscribe/Purchase page or contact Sheridan Subscriber Services. College instructors who want to adopt Dance Technique Collection as a supplement to their dance courses may request a review copy or contact their higher ed sales rep for details.