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Dance Anatomy eBook

Dance Anatomy eBook

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    Powerful, expressive, and compelling! Now you can see what it takes to be a stronger, more elegant dancer. Featuring over 200 full-color illustrations, Dance Anatomy visually depicts the unique relationship between muscle development and aesthetic movement as never before.

    Dance Anatomy features 82 of the most effective dance, movement, and performance exercises, each designed to promote perfect alignment, improved placement, proper breathing, and prevention of common injuries. In stunning detail, the accompanying illustration captures the dancer in motion and highlights the active muscles associated with each movement.

    You’ll learn how to modify exercises to target specific areas to enhance flexibility and reduce muscle tension. You’ll also learn to put it all together to personalize a program based on your style of dance, level of expertise, and individual needs and goals.

    Whether you seek to optimize performance, add a new movement to your repertoire, or minimize muscle fatigue, stress, and injury, Dance Anatomy is your perfect partner.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. The Dancer in Motion
    Chapter 2. Spine
    Chapter 3. Ribs and Breath
    Chapter 4. Core
    Chapter 5. Shoulder Girdle and Arms
    Chapter 6. Pelvis and Hips
    Chapter 7. Legs
    Chapter 8. Ankles and Feet
    Chapter 9. Whole-Body Training for Dancers

    About the Author

    Jacqui Greene Haas has been the athletic trainer for the Cincinnati Ballet since 1989, is the director of dance medicine academic seminars (, and is the director of the dance medicine division of Wellington Orthopedics in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she treats dancers in physical therapy, postsurgical rehabilitation, and general conditioning. 


    A former professional ballet dancer with Boston Ballet, Southern Ballet Theatre, Tampa Ballet, New Orleans Ballet, and Cincinnati Ballet, Jacqui holds a BA in dance from the University of South Florida and an athletic training certificate from the University of Cincinnati. She also has a certificate in Pilates instruction from St. Francis Memorial Hospital dance division in San Francisco and a certificate in Pilates rehabilitation from Polestar Education in Miami, Florida. She has developed injury-prevention programs for numerous dance studios as well as the McGing Irish Dancers, the School for Creative and Performing Arts, and the University of Cincinnati dance department. 


    Jacqui is a frequent presenter, speaking to dancers, instructors, and health care practitioners, including presentations at the International Association of Dance Medicine and Science and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association conferences. She has been published in Dance magazine and Advance Rehabilitation magazine. 


    “Jacqui Haas covers all the basics that dancers should know about the incredible instrument that is the human body. Dance Anatomy is well written, informative, and full of creative ways to keep dancers healthy and dancing to their full potential!”


    Marika Molnar, PT, LAc 



    “Dance Anatomy brings to life the relationship between muscle development and dancing. It is a must-read for every dancer.”


    Victoria Morgan

    Artistic Director and CEO
    Cincinnati Ballet

    Sample Content

     Lateral BreathingLateral BreathingLateral Breathing with ResistanceLateral Breathing with Resistance  
     Jacqui Haas discusses Dance Anatomy.mp3  Jacqui Haas discusses what makes Dance Anatomy different.mp3  Jacqui Haas explains how to increase flexibility and technique.mp3  Jacqui Haas talks about dance related injuries.mp3