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Cycling Past 50

Cycling Past 50

$29.95 CAD

Product Format

    Conventional wisdom says that middle-aged cyclists should slow down and expect to achieve less as they grow older. But in Cycling Past 50, author Joe Friel shows cyclists that with proper training and the right attitude, the years after 50 can be their best ever.

    Written for cyclists of all types-road riders, mountain bikers, track racers-this book provides an in-depth look at the full range of considerations for cycling successfully into and through middle age.

    Joe Friel, a writer and contributing editor to several top cycling publications and a dedicated rider himself, will inspire cyclists toward better performance and more biking enjoyment as he presents:

    - basic principles of training;
    - advanced workouts to improve endurance, climbing ability, and sprinting;
    - training advice for 100-mile events and multi-day tours;
    - planning tips and a workout program for getting into racing form;
    - injury prevention tips and exercises; and
    - body fueling advice.

    In addition to explaining the physical adjustments seasoned cyclists can make to keep their biking effective and satisfying, Friel discusses the mental aspects of cycling successfully into middle age. He explains the importance of developing a positive attitude, maintaining a high level of motivation, and taking pride in their accomplishments. He also reminds cyclists that, above all, biking should be a fun activity that should be shared with fellow riders, family, and friends.

    Chapter 1. Riding Over the Hill
    Chapter 2. Born to Ride
    Chapter 3. Basic Training
    Chapter 4. Advanced Training
    Chapter 5. Testing Your Limits
    Chapter 6. Racing
    Chapter 7. Rest and Recovery
    Chapter 8. Avoiding Injury
    Chapter 9. Fueling
    Chapter 10. Psyching
    Chapter 11. The Cycling Community
    Chapter 12. Fit Forever

    Joe Friel has trained endurance athletes since 1980. His clients include elite amateur and professional road cyclists, mountain bikers, and triathletes and duathletes located around the world. He has a masters degree in exercise science, is an Elite-level USA Cycling Coach, and serves on the USA Triathlon Coaching Certification Committee.

    Joe is the author of The CompuTrainer Workout Manual, The Cyclist's Training Bible, and The Triathlete's Training Bible. He is a contributing editor to Inside Triathlon and VeloNews and frequently writes feature stories for Performance Conditioning for Cycling. He has written a weekly fitness column for the Fort Collins Coloradoan newspaper since 1981.

    As an age-group competitor, Joe is a Colorado State Masters Triathlon champion, a Rocky Mountain region and Southwest region duathlon age-group champion, and is a perennial USA Triathlon All-American duathlete. A member of several national duathlon teams, Joe is a top five contender in world class events. In addition, he competes in road running and United States Cycling Federation races.

    Joe speaks at workshops around the country on training and racing for endurance athletes and provides consulting services for corporations in the fitness industry. For information on coaching, speaking, or consulting services, contact him by email at or fax him at 970-204-4221.

    From his home at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Fort Collins, Colorado, Joe enjoys mountain biking in the foothills with his wife Joyce, trail running with friends, and riding with his son Dirk, a professional bike racer.

    "This time the dean of human performance takes on the metamorphosis of aging along with the associated roller coaster ride of ills and thrills. Joe Friel's journey into aging explores the gamut of changes that affect us as cyclists. For some, Cycling Past 50 confirms the infinity of human physical potential. On a broader scale, it is our complete reference guide for personal exploration."
    John Howard
    3-time Olympic Cylist, 13-time U.S. national champion, Pan Am Games gold medalist, Ironman Triathlon world champion

    "One of America's best cycling coaches shares his wisdom in a comprehensive book directed to the over 50-year-old. Senior riders will appreciate Joe devoting an entire book to them. Younger riders must read this book too-there's so much good information for riders of any age."
    Arnie Baker, MD
    5-time cycling national champion,
    Elite cycling coach, author, and columnist