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Cooperative Games and Sports-2nd Edition

Cooperative Games and Sports-2nd Edition

$36.95 CAD

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    Children live what they learn through games and play. Through Cooperative Games and Sports, you can teach children how to play with—rather than against—each other, using 150 field-tested games and activities that are designed to build a child's self-worth through cooperation, acceptance, inclusion, and fun.

    The premise of cooperative games is that everybody wins and everybody has fun. With activities like cooperative musical chairs, partner gymnastics, and math and spelling games, children learn valuable concepts, plus you aren't left scrambling for expensive equipment in the process. These versatile games allow you to adapt the rules, equipment, and number of players to your own participants' capabilities and to different physical settings. You'll also find a chapter dedicated to teaching you how to create your own games.

    Cooperative Games and Sports shifts the focus from the outcome of a game to the experience of playing it. With instructive photos and straightforward terminology, it is your guide to building positive interactions that teach children—and adults—the value of playing simply for the sake of playing.


    Resources for preK-5 teachers physical education and classroom teachers, after school and recreation leaders, child-care providers, and parents.

    Table of Contents

    Activity Finder

    Chapter 1. Who Needs Cooperative Games?
    Chapter 2. Games for Children Ages 3 Through 7
    Chapter 3. Games for Children Ages 8 Through 12
    Chapter 4. Games for Preschoolers
    Chapter 5. Remaking Adult Games
    Chapter 6. Cooperative Games From Other Cultures
    Chapter 7. Creating Your Own Games and Evaluating Your Success
    Chapter 8. A New Beginning: Turning Ideas Into Positive Action


    About the Author

    Terry Orlick, PhD, is a professor in the school of human kinetics at the University of Ottawa in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He has worked with children in creative ways for more than 30 years as a teacher, coach, researcher, and parent, and he has written hundreds of articles and several books dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and parents. He created the unique Positive Living Skills Program (PLS), which teaches children skills for positive interaction, focusing, relaxation, stress control, and positive thinking.

    Orlick has also served as president of the International Society for Mental Training and Excellence and received the Honor Award for Excellence in Teaching from the University of Ottawa. In 2001 he was honored by the International Society of Sport Psychology for his significant contributions to national and international sport psychology through leadership, research, and community service.