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Complete Cheerleading eBook

Complete Cheerleading eBook

$29.95 CAD

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    Fire up the fans, inspire the team, and win cheer competitions with the help of Complete Cheerleading! This guide is your all-in-one source for mastering the increasingly challenging individual and team techniques of cheering.

    Packed with jumps, stunts, tosses, and more, this comprehensive book includes more than 100 skills that are essential to clean routines and crowd-pleasing stunts. Almost 200 great photographs show the proper execution of the skills, and two of cheerleading’s top coaches provide helpful coaching points throughout the book. Chapters on choreography, competition, and conditioning make this an essential tool for improving both individually and as a squad.

    Perform with precision and flair. Whether you cheer on a supportive or competitive squad, Complete Cheerleading will make your next event your best yet!


    Chapter 1. Voice Control
    Chapter 2. Motion Technique
    Chapter 3. Jump Technique
    Chapter 4. Tumbling
    Chapter 5. Stunt Safety and Spotting
    Chapter 6. Basic Stunt Technique
    Chapter 7. Intermediate Stunts
    Chapter 8. Advanced Stunts
    Chapter 9. Single-Based Stunts
    Chapter 10. Tosses
    Chapter 11. Pyramids
    Chapter 12. Choreography and Formations
    Chapter 13. Games and Pep Rallies
    Chapter 14. Camps and Competitions
    Chapter 15. Practicing and Conditioning