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Complete Book of Figure Skating, The

Complete Book of Figure Skating, The

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    Many instructional books have been written about figure skating. Some are very good. Others are outdated. None, however, has been complete. The Complete Book of Figure Skating finally fills that void.

    Author Carole Shulman is a former elite competitive skater, a Master PSA instructor, a professional figure skating judge, and the current executive director of the Professional Skaters Association. She provides most comprehensive, up-to-date book available on skating covering proven techniques and training methods for skills performed at all levels and in all disciplines including singles, pairs, ice dancing, and synchronized team skating.

    The Complete Book of Figure Skating starts at the beginning—sitting on the ice and then learning to move across the frozen surface with increasing speed, style, and grace. The chapters build in difficulty, covering steps, spins, jumps, and lifts. From stopping to spinning to quad jumps, each skill builds on the previous skills as this complete manual guides you through the skill levels of figure skating.

    Providing straightforward advice on how to select a specialty, choose proper equipment, condition off the ice, and manage nutrition—the book also describes the proper technique for more than 100 skills, presented progressively from beginning to advanced levels of expertise:

    • Stops and stroking skills
    • Freestyle moves
    • Turns and footwork (including ice-dancing techniques)
    • Spins
    • Jumps
    • Pairs

    For each skill you’ll find a clear description with introductory or preparatory steps, followed by a detailed technical explanation to enhance your understanding and training. Special teaching exercises and tips will also help you master the most difficult components of each skill.

    As added bonus you’ll find helpful information in The Complete Book of Figure Skating about competitions. You’ll learn the ins and outs of creating and refining a program—including music, choreography, and costumes—and discover inside tips on how to perfect your skills and score high marks from the judges.

    The Complete Book of Figure Skating gives you an essential resource on how to perform the all the techniques and programs of the sport. Whether you’re a skater looking to improve your technique or an instructor looking for innovative coaching methods, this book will help you achieve your goal.

    Table of Contents

    Part I: Essentials
    Chapter 1: Skating Forms
    Chapter 2: Skates and Apparel
    Chapter 3: Skating Fitness

    Part II: Techniques
    Chapter 4: Basic Skating Moves
    Chapter 5: Freestyle Moves
    Chapter 6: Turns and Footwork
    Chapter 7: Spins
    Chapter 8: Jumps
    Chapter 9: Pairs

    Part III: Performances
    Chapter 10: Program Elements and Choreography
    Chapter 11: Scoring, Judges, and Performance Evaluation

    Appendix: Code of Ethics for Coaches