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Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment and Prescription Online CE Course

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment and Prescription Online CE Course

$57.95 CAD

Available As

    Online Course

    Course components are delivered online:

    • Mini e-book consisting of chapters from Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription, Seventh Edition

    • Continuing education exam

    Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment and Prescription Online CE Course provides a detailed look at fitness appraisal and exercise prescription for cardiorespiratory health. Readers will find the latest information on maximal and submaximal graded exercise testing in healthy populations, protocols and norms for testing children and older adults, and field tests for assessing aerobic fitness. Design of cardiorespiratory programs is also covered, including aerobic training methods and modes, as well as the design of individualized exercise programs. The course concludes with a continuing education exam based on the required reading.

    Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment and Prescription Online CE Course reflects current guidelines and recommendations, including ACSM guidelines for medical exams and exercise testing requirements before starting exercise programs. Readers will also learn the following:

    • Updated statistics on the risk of adverse cardiac events during exercise testing

    • Field methods for predicting maximum heart rate

    • The importance of monitoring during bench step tests

    • Protocols for assessing the cardiorespiratory fitness levels of children

    • Research substantiating the link between physical activity and disease risk

    • Additional OMNI pictorial scales for ratings of perceived exertion during exercise

    • The latest ACSM FITT-VP principle for designing aerobic exercise programs

    The required reading, Cardiorespiratory Fitness Assessment and Prescription, is an abridged version of the comprehensive text Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription, Seventh Edition (Human Kinetics, 2014).


    Continuing education course for health and fitness instructors, personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists, exercise science professionals, and exercise physiologists.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 4. Assessing Cardiorespiratory Fitness

    Definition of Terms

    Graded Exercise Testing: Guidelines and Procedures

    Maximal Exercise Test Protocols

    Submaximal Exercise Test Protocols

    Field Tests for Assessing Aerobic Fitness

    Exercise Testing for Children and Older Adults

    Review Material

    Chapter 5. Designing Cardiorespiratory Exercise Programs

    The Exercise Prescription

    Aerobic Training Methods and Modes

    Personalized Exercise Programs

    Review Material

    Appendix A Health and Fitness Appraisal

    A.1 Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q)

    A.2 Medical History Questionnaire

    A.3 Checklist for Signs and Symptoms of Disease

    A.4 Physical Activity Readiness Medical Examination (PARmed-X)

    A.5 SCORE System

    A.6 Relative Risk Chart

    A.7 Lifestyle Evaluation

    A.8 Informed Consent

    A.9 Websites for Selected Professional Organizations and Institutes

    Appendix B Cardiorespiratory Assessments

    B.1 Summary of Graded Exercise Test and Cardiorespiratory Field Test Protocols

    B.2 Rockport Fitness Charts

    B.3 Step Test Protocols

    B.4 OMNI Ratings of Perceived Exertion Scales

    B.5 Analysis of Sample Case Study in Chapter 5

    About the Author

    Vivian H. Heyward, PhD, is a Regents professor emerita at the University of New Mexico, where she taught physical fitness assessment and exercise prescription courses for 26 years. In addition to the previous editions of this book, she has authored two editions of Applied Body Composition Assessment (Human Kinetics, 1996, 2004) as well as numerous articles in research and professional journals dealing with various aspects of physical fitness assessment and exercise prescription. Heyward has received many professional awards, including Distinguished Alumni Awards from the University of Illinois and the State University of New York at Cortland and the SWACSM Recognition Award for distinguished professional service and achievement.

    In her free time, she enjoys hiking, nature photography, golfing, and snowshoeing. Heyward resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Ann L. Gibson, PhD, is an associate professor and researcher in exercise science at the University of New Mexico, with research interests in body composition and physiological responses to exercise. She developed the ancillary materials for the sixth edition of Advanced Fitness Assessment and Exercise Prescription in addition to coauthoring the seventh edition.

    Gibson has presented internationally in the area of obesity research. She has also published original research in journals such as Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, International Journal of Sport Nutrition & Exercise Metabolism, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, and Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

    Gibson resides in New Mexico, where she enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, biking, climbing, cross-country skiing, and gardening.