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Assessing & Improving Fitness in Elementary Physical Education

Assessing & Improving Fitness in Elementary Physical Education

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    This must-have resources, Assessing & Improving Fitness in Elementary Physical Education, Second Edition, guides you in using fitness assessment as a learning tool, helping you teach elementary students the importance of lifelong fitness through goal setting, personal fitness profiles, journals and more.

    Table of Contents

    NASPE Standards
    Appropriate Practices for Elementary School Physical Eudcation
    Best Practice and Evidence-Based Practice
    Assessing in Field Settings
    Assessing in Classroom Settings
    Norm and Criterion Referenced Standards

    Part 1. Preparing to Assess Fitness
    Implementing Assessments
    The Assessment Process
    Standards Based Report Cards

    Part 2.  Assessing Fitness and Activity
    Accuracy and Cooperation During Testing
    Heart Rate Monitors

    Part 3. Improving Fitness Through Activity
    Physical Best
    Grade K Play Time Observation
    Grades 1-2 Off the Couch!
    Grades 3-5 Imposter or Not?
    Educational Posters
    Fitness Education Pyramid BINGO!
    Steppin for the Stars!

    Part 4. Using Assessments Results
    Fitness Knowledge
    Diagnosis and Prescription
    Goal Setting Monitoring and Maintaining
    Achievement, Improvement and Grading
    Program and Instructor Evaluation
    Public Relations