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Archery 4th Edition PDF

Archery 4th Edition PDF

Steps to Success

$33.95 CAD


Product Format

    Master the skills, techniques, and strategies in order to shoot accurately, consistently, and safely. Archery: Steps to Success is packed with progressive instruction and accompanying full-color photos. This one-of-a-kind resource contains exercises for each phase of the shot—stance, draw, aim, release, and follow-through—for both recurve and compound bows.

    Archery: Steps to Success covers these aspects:

    • Selection, fitting, tuning, and upgrading equipment

    • Assessing, refining, and perfecting shooting form

    • Compensating for common weather conditions such as rain and wind

    • Technical and mental exercises for improved accuracy

    • Preparing, practicing, and planning for competition

    • Bow hunting strategies for judging distance and shooting on uneven terrain

    • Traditional archery for those wanting to use simple equipment rather than the latest technology

    By practicing the 93 exercises and using the Steps to Success scoring system to track your progress, you’ll learn at your own pace and develop consistent technique and shot patterns in no time.

    Whether you are new to the sport or an experienced competitor or bow hunter, this manual will help you hit your mark. As part of the popular Steps to Success Sports series—with more than 2 million copies sold—Archery Steps to Success hits the bull’s-eye when it comes to comprehensive archery instruction.

    Step 1 Fitting Equipment

    Step 2 Shooting Safely

    Step 3 Shooting With Good Form

    Step 4 Refining Technique

    Step 5 Aiming and Sighting

    Step 6 Anchoring and Releasing

    Step 7 Analyzing Performance

    Step 8 Upgrading, Tuning, and Maintaining Equipment

    Step 9 Sharpening Mental Skills

    Step 10 Competing in Target Archery

    Step 11 Bowhunting

    Kathleen Haywood, PhD, is an associate dean and professor in the College of Education at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. The lead author on the previous editions of Archery: Steps to Success, she is a former competitor who has taught archery at several universities, both for the general student body and for teacher preparation students. Haywood has a background in motor learning and motor development, which lends itself to implementing instructional models for participants of all ages. She resides in St. Charles, Missouri.

    Catherine Lewis was the coauthor on the previous editions of Archery: Steps to Success. She is a former competitor who has taught archery to people of all ages, especially children in both school and camp settings. She is currently a physical education teacher in the Riverview Gardens School District in St. Louis County, Missouri. She resides in St. Peters, Missouri.

    "Novice and seasoned archers will benefit from reading and rereading Archery: Steps to Success. With all the new archers coming into the ranges, Kathleen’s book is a must-read for everyone."

    Arlyne Rhode-- Owner and Editor, The US and International Archer Magazine

    All ancillaries are free to adopting instructors through HKPropel

    Includes lecture topics, physical activities, student assignments in both a 20-session and 32-session framework, introductory notes, key points of technique, common errors and solutions, teaching modifications, and skill application, and additional resources such as Web sites, books, DVDs, and videos. Also included are test questions in multiple-choice, true or false, fill-in-the-blank and short answer format, and student evaluation guidelines.