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AquaTech Pool Tool

AquaTech Pool Tool

$8.95 CAD

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    The AquaTech Pool Tool is a splash proof reference card containing all the essential information a pool operator needs in one place. The 8x10 folded size provides for an appealing layout with charts that are easy to read and packed with information.

    The cover of the card provides conversion and calculation essentials to help a pool operator convert Imperial (U.S.) to metric, and gives the formulas for determining pool surface area, volume, turnover and flow rate and more. The interior of the card contains water management essentials and makes determining chemical selection and dosing easy and fast. The back of the card provides resources essential to a pool operator including a reminder of best practices for pool workplace safety, a safety checklist, and the web address of associations and organizations important to pool operators.

    With the Pool Tool you can;

    • Determine conversions between Imperial (U.S.) and metric measurements for linear measure and area, weight, volume and cubic volume, liquid and dry measurements.
    • Look up calculations, terms and conversions for energy and water conservation, flow rate, hydraulics, pool surface area and pool volume.
    • Look up recommended pool temperature parameters for different aquatic activities.
    • Identify the chemicals that raise or lower each component of water management.
    • Identify the chlorine concentration in various forms (liquid, granular/solid, gas)
    • Look up recommended operating parameters for pool water sanitation and oxidation.
    • Calculate the Calcium Saturation Index (CSI) or the Ryzner Saturation Index (RSI).
    • Calculate a Quick Balance Check.
    • Determine the amount of chlorine needed to perform breakpoint chlorination.
    • Determine the amount of chemical needed to adjust chlorine, pH, stabilizer, calcium hardness, total alkalinity, and pH.
    • Be reminded of best practices for pool workplace safety, including a safety checklist.
    • Find the web address for associations and organizations important to pool plant operators.

    This resource can be kept and used poolside or in the pool plant room. No more searching in multiple places for the important information you need, it’s all at your fingertips with AquaTech Pool Tool.

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