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    Operating the mechanical aspects of a pool or aquatic facility is a complex job that requires specialized knowledge and skills. As a pool plant or aquatic facility operator, you strive to maintain an inviting and clean facility that you can be proud of and that your patrons can enjoy.

    To achieve the solid foundation you need for the operation and maintenance of your pool, look to AquaTech: Best Practices for Pool and Aquatic Facility Operators. AquaTech helps you master the fundamentals of aquatic facility care by explaining simply and clearly how pool systems work and how to maintain them. With AquaTech you’ll learn

    • how swimming pool circulation, filtration, and disinfection systems function to provide clear, clean, and warm water;
    • how to maintain water quality through proper testing and monitoring and make evaluations and adjustments to diagnose and solve common water problems;
    • how to prevent the spread of recreational water illnesses and pathogens (bloodborne, contact, and airborne);
    • how to keep your facility attractive through routine, preventive, and seasonal maintenance;
    • how to prepare for a competitive event such as a swim meet;
    • how to safeguard your facility in the event of severe weather; and
    • important spa and warm water pool operation procedures, safety measures, and precautions.

    Easy-to-understand explanations of the key elements of pool care give you the practical knowledge to handle both day-to-day operations and troubleshooting situations. Plus, over 150 full-color photos and 19 detailed illustrations offer a visual depiction of commercial pool care procedures. Special “best practices tables” throughout the book highlight proven ideas for diagnosing, preventing, and solving common pool care troubles such as these:

    • Inadequate circulation or filtration
    • Disruptions in sanitation levels
    • Damage caused by unbalanced water
    • Pool workplace safety concerns.

    AquaTech was developed by Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc., as the course textbook for the AquaTech certification course, a fast-paced and interactive course designed to prepare individuals for the requisite competencies to operate a pool or aquatic facility according to U.S. and international training requirements. Using a combination of online study and on-site competency testing, the AquaTech certification course offers a flexible alternative to classroom-only certification methods. The online course gives you flexibility to fit the training into your busy schedule and shortens travel time. The increased accessibility through online study and the considerable cost savings over other certification programs (in both travel expense and course cost) make AquaTech certification a time-wise and affordable choice for your pool and aquatic operator certification.

    AquaTech: Best Practices for Pool and Aquatic Facility Operators gives you the confidence and knowledge to dive into your first day on the job and your new career in commercial pool care. Whether you’re maintaining the pool plant systems, taking steps to reduce risk and increase safety, or tracking the condition of the pool water, use AquaTech as your handbook to make every day a clean and pleasant day at the pool.


    Textbook for AquaTech, an online and classroom course that leads to certification, which meets the regulatory requirements for operators of the physical plant aspects of a pool or aquatic facility. Also a reference for use by certified pool operators and aquatic facility directors and managers.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 Why Each Pool Is Unique

    • Indoor and Outdoor Pools
    • Size and Configuration
    • Equipment and Systems
    • Water Source
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 2 How a Pool Circulation System Works

    • How Water Flows Through the Pool Circulation System
    • How Each System Part Functions
    • Turnover and Flow
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 3 How Filtration Systems Work

    • Sand Filters
    • Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters
    • Cartridge Filters
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 4 How Chemical Feed and Automation Systems Work

    • Dry Chemical Feeders
    • Liquid Chemical Feeders
    • Gas Chemical Feeders
    • Automation
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 5 How to Test the Water

    • Manual Testing Methods
    • Testing Sanitizer Levels
    • Tests to Determine Water Balance
    • Specialized Water Testing
    • Handheld Electronic Testing Devices
    • Keeping Records of Testing
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 6 How to Sanitize and Oxidize the Water

    • Chemicals That Sanitize and Oxidize Pool Water
    • Equipment Used to Sanitize or Oxidize Water
    • Evaluating Chlorine Test Results and Adjusting Levels
    • Breakpoint Chlorination
    • Controlling Algae with Chlorine
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 7 How to Balance the Water

    • What Is Water Balance?
    • Determining Water Balance
    • Adjusting Chemicals to Achieve Water Balance
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 8 How to Control Exposure to Pathogens

    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Recreational Water Illnesses (RWIs)
    • Contact and Airborne Pathogens
    • Patron Education
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 9 How to Operate Safely

    • Guidelines, Standards, and Regulations
    • Electrical Safety
    • Weather Safety
    • Chemical Safety
    • Physical Safety
    • Pool Workplace Safety
    • Facility Security
    • Record Keeping
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 10 How to Perform Routine and Preventive Maintenance

    • Maintenance Tasks
    • Temperature and Humidity Control
    • Maintenance Equipment and Supplies
    • Pool Covers
    • Cloudy Water
    • Colored Water and Staining
    • Documentation and Record Keeping
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 11 How to Perform Seasonal and Special Maintenance

    • Preparing for a Competitive Event
    • Winterizing
    • Opening a Seasonal Facility
    • Preparing for Major Storms
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    Chapter 12 How to Safely Operate Spa and Warm Water Pools

    • Features of Spa Pools
    • Warm Water Sanitation and Balance
    • Replacement of Spa Pool Water
    • Features of Warm Water Pools
    • Safety
    • Precautions
    • AquaTech Performance Goal and Best Practices

    About the Author

    About the Human Kinetics Aquatic Education Center
    The Human Kinetics Aquatic Education Center (AEC) was created in 2006 in cooperation with the Starfish Aquatics Institute. The AEC is dedicated to developing and delivering books, online courses, DVDs, and other resources that help save lives and promote aquatic activities worldwide. The AEC can be found on the Web at