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Adventure Racing

Adventure Racing

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    Take the ultimate endurance challenge! Adventure Racing is the complete guide to the skills, equipment, strategies, navigation, and nutrition used by the top adventure racers around the globe.

    Start with the right gear to perform your best—even in desert, rainforest, and subzero environments. Then learn the skills for trekking, mountain biking, canoeing and kayaking, and mountaineering.

    Insights on team strategy, use of support crews, map reading, and magnetic deviation will keep you on track. And the right fuel for changing conditions, medical know-how, and survival skills will keep you in the race.

    Profiles and stories from the top races and adventure racers provide a taste of the exciting challenges of the sport. They'll inspire you to test yourself time and again in the most addictive team endurance sport on the planet.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. The Origin of Adventure
    Chapter 2. The Adventure Racing Experience
    Chapter 3. Thinking Through the Race
    Chapter 4. Gear Inspection
    Chapter 5. Adventure Racing Skills
    Chapter 6. Tactics and Strategy
    Chapter 7. Navigation
    Chapter 8. Support Crews
    Chapter 9. Fueling Your Body
    Chapter 10. Medical Know-How
    Chapter 11. Ten Amazing Races

    About the Author

    Jacques Marais is a professional photographer, writer, and consulting editor who specializes in adventure, eco, and wilderness activities based in southern Africa. He is a regular contributor to a host of leading South African magazines and newspapers, and his work is regularly featured in magazines such as Men's Health, Sports Illustrated, Discovery Magazine, and Runner's World. Through his extensive international travels, Marais has compiled a vast library of photography showcasing the most remote and beautiful corners of the globe.

    Marais lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Lisa de Speville received her honors degree in medical cell biology, but her passion for sport and adventure has dominated her career direction. She is the owner and editor of South Africa's adventure racing Web site,, and works as a freelance journalist, Web designer, and adventure racing camerawoman. Speville won Brazil's Jungle Marathon in 2003, and she has completed numerous multiday adventure races and solo self-sufficient ultra footraces.

    Speville lives in Johannesburg, South Africa.


    "This is a thorough guide for all levels of athletes, especially those getting involved in adventure racing for the first time. Jacques and Lisa have left no stone unturned when it comes to preparing for and competing in an adventure race."

    Brian Metzler
    Editor, Adventure Sports Magazine

    "If this book didn't contain any text at all it would still be well worth the price. Full-color from cover to cover, it illustrates some of the best adventure racing photography is the world.

    "No other books gives you the "feel" of adventure racing through photographs as accurately as Adventure Racing. Authors Jacques Marais and Lisa de Speville explain the ins and outs of adventure racing in an easy to understand way."