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Complete Conditioning for Tennis-2nd Edition

Complete Conditioning for Tennis-2nd Edition

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    Improve shot power, increase on-court speed and agility, and outlast the opposition with Complete Conditioning for Tennis, the most comprehensive tennis conditioning resource available!

    The only strength and conditioning resource endorsed by the United States Tennis Association, Complete Conditioning for Tennis details how to maximize your training with exercises, drills, and programs that
    • assess physical strengths and deficiencies,
    • improve footwork and agility,
    • increase speed and quickness,
    • enhance stamina,
    • increase flexibility,
    • reduce recovery time, and
    • prevent common injuries.
    Throughout, you will have access to the same recommendations and routines used by today’s top professional players. From increasing the speed and power of your serve and groundstrokes to enhancing on-court agility and stamina, you will be ready to take the court with confidence and endure even the most grueling matches. Off the court, you’ll learn recovery techniques and preventive exercises for keeping shoulder and elbow injuries at bay.

    Featuring more than 200 on- and off-court drills and exercises combined with exclusive online access to 56 video clips, Complete Conditioning for Tennis is an essential resource for players, coaches, instructors, and anyone serious about the sport.

    Table of Contents

    Video Contents
    Accessing the Online Video

    Chapter 1. Meeting the Physical Demands of Tennis
    Chapter 2. Muscles and Tennis Strokes
    Chapter 3. Muscles and Tennis Movements
    Chapter 4. High-Performance Fitness Testing
    Chapter 5. Dynamic Warm-Up and Flexibility Training
    Chapter 6. Speed, Agility, and Footwork Training
    Chapter 7. Core Stability Training
    Chapter 8. Strength Training
    Chapter 9. Power Training
    Chapter 10. Tennis-Specific Endurance Training
    Chapter 11. Program Design and Periodization
    Chapter 12. Solid Shoulder Stability
    Chapter 13. Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation
    Chapter 14. Nutrition and Hydration
    Chapter 15. Recovery
    Chapter 16. Age and Gender Considerations

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