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101 Classroom Games

101 Classroom Games

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    With 101 Classroom Games: Energize Learning in Any Subject, not only can you help your students improve their study skills, but you can also aid them in reviewing what they already know about a topic or subject, prepare them for formal and informal assessments, and see them embrace learning experiences as enjoyable.

    You never knew a game of Splat, Snap, or Howzat! could pack so much educational punch, did you? All 101 games in this handy book make learning memorable, fun, and successful. You can use them as effective starter activities, for the middle part of a lesson to reignite learning when you see the kids’ eyes start to glaze over, or as complete activities to help you assess your students’ learning.

    Each game provides you with
    • ready-to-go plans to implement the game and shorten your planning time;
    • stimulating lesson content with variations and progressions to suit your students’ ages and abilities;
    • illustrations to help you understand how the game works; and
    • teaching points and prompts to keep the game fun, interesting, and effective.
    These games create a stimulating learning environment where students undertake tasks and solve problems by interacting with their surroundings, other students, and you. They provide a great alternative to traditional methods of learning and assessment. Most of all, the games do just what you’d like them to do: help your students learn, improve their skills, and enjoy the educational process.


    Resource for teachers of all ages, and particularly useful for teacher trainees.

    Table of Contents


    1. Ace of Spades
    2. All Bases Covered
    3. Amnesia
    4. Baseball
    5. Basketball
    6. Beach Volleyball
    7. Bidding for Success
    8. Boxing Clever
    9. Bull’s-Eye
    10. Chain Gangs
    11. Championship Golf
    12. Connect 4
    13. Crossfire
    14. Definition Bingo
    15. Domes and Dishes
    16. Faster, Higher, Stronger
    17. Four in a Row
    18. Fortune Teller
    19. Full House
    20. Good Arrows
    21. Great Balls of Fire!
    22. Hand Over Hand
    23. Head to Head
    24. Heads or Tails
    25. Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
    26. High Jump
    27. Howzat!
    28. I Am Not
    29. It’s Just a Jump to the Left . . .
    30. Judge and Jury
    31. Killer Questions
    32. Knockout Arguments
    33. Ladders
    34. Last Past the Finish Line
    35. Let’s Get Ready to Tumble
    36. Lie Detectors
    37. Make It, Draw It, or Mime It
    38. Marbles
    39. Missing Links
    40. Number Minefield
    41. Our Survey Says . . .
    42. Overtake
    43. Pairs
    44. Pass It On
    45. Peek, Copy, All in, or Save
    46. Penalty Shootout
    47. Phone a Friend
    48. Pick and Mix
    49. Picture Perfect
    50. Pin the Tail on the . . .
    51. Pool Championships
    52. Post-it Note Scramble
    53. Puzzled
    54. Question Ball
    55. Question Conkers
    56. Quizzical Chairs
    57. Racing Cars
    58. Randomizer
    59 Red Herrings
    60. Red or Black
    61. Relay Runners
    62. Remember My Name
    63. Remember, Remember
    64. Review Tennis
    65. River Crossing
    66. Rock, Paper, Scissors
    67. Roll With It
    68. Run Around
    69. Sabotage
    70. Show Jumping
    71. Snakes and Ladders
    72. Snap
    73. Splat
    74. Stand to Attention
    75. Stand Up and Be Counted
    76. Steal a Brain
    77. Step Up to the Challenge
    78. Stop the Clock
    79. Straws
    80. Strike a Deal
    81. Super Bowl
    82. Surf’s Up
    83. Tenpin Bowling
    84. The Hat
    85. The Picture Board
    86. Time Assault
    87. Time Bombs
    88. Topic Lotto
    89. Traffic Lights
    90. True or False?
    91. Walkabout
    92. What’s the Question?
    93. Which Way’s Best?
    94. Who Am I?
    95. Who Wants to Be a Smartie?
    96. Winner
    97. Wise Words
    98. Withdrawal
    99. Whiteboard Wonders
    100. Word Grids
    101. Word Rebounds

    About the Authors