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Rights and Permissions

NOTE: Effective January 1, 2015, all permission requests to reuse material from Human Kinetics journals—including republication requests—should be submitted through the Copyright Clearance Center (www.copyright.com). Book republication requests will continue to be handled directly by Human Kinetics.

Response Time for Permissions Requests

Standard response time for a request is three weeks; however your request may take more or less time depending on the completeness of the information provided and the current volume of requests.

When to Request Permission to Use Human Kinetics Materials

    • If you would like to use Human Kinetics material in a promotional manner (book covers or excerpts in a magazine or newspaper article, or on your Web site), contact your local office. For U.S. requests please e-mail us at publicity@hkusa.com.
    • For questions about translating products into other languages, please contact Barry Johnson at barryj@hkusa.com.
    • If you intend to copy materials for use in a course packet or make multiple copies for another classroom use, contact your local reproduction rights organization. U.S. requesters should contact the Copyright Clearance Center at www.copyright.com.
    • If you intend to use Human Kinetics material for any other purpose, or if a publication is needed in an alternative format for a student with disabilities, you must submit an online permissions request form. Questions about completing the form can be addressed to permissions@hkusa.com.

Information for Authors

You need permission to use material you have written for Human Kinetics. We require that you inform us of your plans to use your material elsewhere. There is usually no problem in granting the request and the fee is generally waived. However, we may deny a request to use substantial portions of your HK work in a competing work for another publisher. Refer to your contract for details or contact HK’s Proprietary Rights Manager at permissions@hkusa.com.