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Ice Skating

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    Now there's a masterfully written guide that shows beginning and recreational skaters the fundamental skills of ice skating.

    In Ice Skating: Steps to Success, Karin Künzle-Watson—nine-time Swiss National Champion, former Professional World Champion, and one of skating's best instructors—shares with readers the steps that she and many of her students learned on their way to becoming elite competitive skaters.

    Most instruction books available on ice skating tend to focus on advanced jumps or spins, assuming the reader will learn the basics through professional instruction. Ice Skating: Steps to Success, however, covers fundamental skills in a way that's easy to understand and apply.

    Part of the highly popular Steps to Success Series, this book includes 11 steps (chapters) that progress from basic to intermediate skills. It features over 300 illustrations that make it possible to learn proper form and technique. Readers will learn how to:

    • attain the posture and control required for basic skills;
    • use standard methods of gaining forward and backward speed;
    • execute four different methods of stopping;
    • fall properly and get up easily;
    • change direction without loss of control; and
    • control the skate edges in order to prepare for advanced maneuvers, including jumps, spins, and footwork.

    With Ice Skating: Steps to Success, beginning and recreational skaters will develop a solid foundation of skills to help them gain confidence in their abilities and enjoy the sport more.

    Table of Contents

    The Steps to Success Staircase

    The Sport of Ice Skating
    • Etiquette
    • Evolution of the Ice Skate
    • The Myth of Weak Ankles
    • Falling and Getting Up
    • Warm-Up and Cool-Down

    Ice Skating Equipment
    • Ice Skates and Their Care
    • Protective Gear

    Step 1. Proper Skating Posture: Developing Balance
    Step 2. Push and Glide: Moving Ahead
    Step 3. Forward Stops: Slowing Down
    Step 4. Forward Skating and Stopping: Gaining Confidence
    Step 5. Backward Skating and Stopping: Doubling Your Options
    Step 6. Forward Stroking: Pushing for Power
    Step 7. Forward Crossovers: Stroking on a Curve
    Step 8. Two-Foot Turns and Mohawks: Controlling Rotation
    Step 9. Backward Crossovers: Gaining Speed on a Curve
    Step 10. Swingrolls and Advanced Edges: Improving Edge Control
    Step 11. Three-Turns: Changing Direction and Edges

    Style and Efficiency: Rating Your Skating Progress