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Triathlon 2.0

Triathlon 2.0

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    Serious triathletes may be the most tech-savvy of all athletes. You have the latest devices and know that data to improve your performance are at hand, but putting it all together can be a daunting, confusing task.

    Triathlete, coach, researcher, and author Jim Vance maintains that, despite access to the relevant information, most triathletes start a race undertrained or overtrained. That’s why he’s developed Triathlon 2.0: Data-Driven Performance Training, the first program to take advantage of the latest science and technology.

    Triathlon 2.0 examines the sport’s most popular devices, including cycling power meters, GPS trackers, and heart rate monitors. Capture the most accurate readings, learn what they mean, and, just as important, what they don’t. Then, put the numbers to work for you, translating your data into a comprehensive program based on your performance needs and triathlon goals.

    With Triathlon 2.0, you will learn these skills:

    • Establish and identify optimal aerobic fitness base.

    • Determine the exact number of intervals for the most effective training and quickest recovery.

    • Identify performance markers to track training results.

    • Develop a tapering plan for peak performance.

    • Monitor pace and progress in real time.

    If you’re serious about maximizing performance, then turn to the only program built around your personal performance data. With Triathlon 2.0, the power and plan are in your hands.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1. Cycling Technology

    Chapter 2. Running Technology

    Chapter 3. Swimming Technology

    Chapter 4. Assessing Triathlon Fitness

    Chapter 5. Planning the Training Year

    Chapter 6. Training Analysis Software

    Chapter 7. Stress-Based Periodization

    Chapter 8. Transition and Preparation Phases

    Chapter 9. Approach to Base Phase Training

    Chapter 10. Approach to Build Phase Training

    Chapter 11. Tapering and Peaking

    Chapter 12. Prerace Preparations

    Chapter 13. In-Race Monitoring

    Chapter 14. Postrace Analysis

    Chapter 15. Postseason Analysis

    About the Editor

    Jim Vance is a former elite triathlete and currently an international triathlon, running, and cycling elite coach with TrainingBible Coaching. After a college career as a cross country and track athlete at the University of Nebraska, where he earned his degree in physical and health education, Vance turned to triathlon and trained at the Olympic Training Center. Later he moved to Ironman racing where he had many top finishes, including a third-place finish at Ironman Florida with a personal best time of 8:37:09.

    Vance is the founder and head coach of the nonprofit organization Formula Endurance, the nation’s first USA Swimming and USA Triathlon high-performance team that develops elite youth and junior triathletes for Olympic-style racing, based in San Diego, California. Formula Endurance is annually named one of the top development programs in the United States.

    With Joe Friel, Vance coedited and contributed to Triathlon Science (Human Kinetics, 2013), a book that focuses on science and research in the sport.


    “Jim Vance is the best not only at creating a training program but in explaining the program in a way that anyone can understand.”

    Bob Babbitt-- Ironman Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee, USA Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee, Cofounder, Competitor Magazine, Host, Babbittville Radio and The Endurance Sports Network

    “Knowing how to use the latest technology to improve training also means faster racing. Put them together and you have a winning combination. Jim Vance is among the smartest coaches in the United States. I highly recommend this book.”

    Joe Friel-- Cofounder, TrainingPeaks

    “While many people know how to collect data, Jim is an expert in understanding it and teaching others how to make decisions with it.”

    Adam Zucco-- Training Bible Coaching

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