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Complete Triathlon Guide

Complete Triathlon Guide

$30.95 CAD


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    Triathletes, rejoice! For the first time, USA Triathlon, its elite athletes, and the nation’s most respected coaches share their secrets, strategies, and advice for every stage, every event, and every aspect of the world’s most demanding sport. From training to technique, fueling to recovery, if it’s essential to the sport, it is covered in Complete Triathlon Guide.

    In this guide, you’ll find invaluable bike-handling techniques straight from the pros, learn how to assess running form and improve running cadence and stride, troubleshoot your freestyle swim stroke, and shave seconds off starts and transitions. And you’ll go inside the sport for expert instruction and personal insights from triathlon’s biggest names:

    Joe Friel

    Gordon Byrn

    Bob Seebohar

    Sage Rountree

    Ian Murray

    Sara McLarty

    Linda Cleveland

    George Dallam

    Steve Tarpinian

    Krista Austin

    Iñigo Mujika

    Alicia Kendig

    Barb Lindquist

    Christine Palmquist

    Graham Wilson

    Jackie Dowdeswell

    Jess Manning

    Joe Umphenour

    Karl Riecken

    Katie Baker

    Kristen Dieffenbach

    Kurt Perham

    Mathew Wilson

    Michael Kellmann

    Mike Ricci

    Scott Schnitzspahn

    Sergio Borges

    Sharone Aharon

    Suzanne M. Atkinson

    Timothy Carlson

    Yann Le Meur

    With Complete Triathlon Guide you’ll enhance your training regimen with the most effective workouts, including stage-specific programs for swimming, cycling, and running; programs for strength, flexibility, and endurance; tactics that address individual weaknesses; and advice on tapering to ensure you’re in peak physical condition on race day.

    From the latest on equipment and technology to preventing injuries and dehydration, this guide has you covered. Whether you’re gearing up for your first race or you’re a hard-core competitor looking to stay ahead of the pack, Complete Triathlon Guide is the one book you should not be without.

    Part I Training

    Chapter 1 Developing Your Seasonal Training Plan

    Chapter 2 Customizing Training for Specific Groups

    Chapter 3 Yoga and Flexibility for Triathletes

    Chapter 4 Strength Training for Triathletes

    Chapter 5 Training for Triathlon Swimming

    Chapter 6 Training for Triathlon Biking

    Chapter 7 Training for Triathlon Running 

    Chapter 8 Recovery and Overtraining

    Chapter 9 Exercise Physiology for Triathletes

    Chapter 10 The Art and Science of Tapering

    Part II Technique

    Chapter 11 Bike Handling Techniques from the Pros

    Chapter 12 Setting the Perfect Cadence and Stride Rate

    Chapter 13 Assessing Your Running Form

    Chapter 14 Improving Your Transitions

    Chapter 15 Troubleshooting Your Freestyle

    Part III Competitive Strategy

    Chapter 16 Open Water Race Tactics

    Chapter 17 Strategies for Drafting and Non-Drafting Races

    Chapter 18 Performance Tips for Any Distance

    Chapter 19 Mental Strategies for Training and Racing

    Chapter 20 Traveling for Competition

    Part IV The Triathlon Lifestyle

    Chapter 21 Fitting Triathlon into Busy Lives

    Chapter 22 Choosing the Ideal Gear

    Chapter 23 Choosing a Coach

    Chapter 24 Developing Young Triathletes

    Chapter 25 Dealing with Common Injuries

    Chapter 26 Nutrition for the Endurance Athlete

    Chapter 27 Hydrating During Training and Competition

    Chapter 28 Beyond Swim, Bike, Run

    Chapter 29 Long-Term Triathlete Development

    Linda Cleveland MS, CSCS, is a USA Triathlon LII certified coach and the coach development manager at USA Triathlon. She has a BS degree in exercise fitness management with a minor in health promotion from the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh and an MS in exercise and wellness from Arizona State University. She has been an adjunct faculty member at Arizona State University; worked in corporate wellness at Motorola in Phoenix; and coached triathletes, cyclists, and runners since 2004.

    Linda has been with USA Triathlon since 2005. As the coach development manager, she is responsible for overseeing a variety of programs in the education department, including coaching certification clinics and curriculum, mentorship opportunities in elite coaching, performance coaching newsletters, USAT University, webinars, and youth clinics. Since joining USAT, she has made the coaching education program one of the most highly regarded in any national governing body. Linda offers high-performance coaches the opportunity to learn what it takes to work with world-class athletes. She has also served as a head coach at several ITU races, including continental cups, world cups, and world championship series races.

    Linda keeps her skills fresh by coaching age-group triathletes and training for triathlons herself. Linda resides in the mountains of Colorado with her husband, son, and two big dogs. She enjoys hiking, camping, mountain biking, skiing, snowshoeing, fishing, and spending time in the great outdoors.

    About USA Triathlon

    USA Triathlon is the national governing body for multisport in the United States. The organization serves as the sanctioning authority for more than 3,500 diverse events ranging from grassroots to national championship races across the country. The organization works to create interest and participation in a variety of programs, including camps, clinics, races, and educational opportunities. USA Triathlon’s 140,000-plus members are athletes of all ages, coaches, officials, parents, and fans who strengthen multisport.

    On the elite level, USA Triathlon is responsible for the selection and training of teams to represent the United States in international competition, including International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championships, Pan Am Games, and Summer Olympic Games. It conducts national camps and clinics and provides coaching education programs.

    On the developmental level, USA Triathlon fosters grassroots expansion of the sport, which is facilitated by the sanctioning of age-group events and triathlon clubs. National and regional championships are held for triathletes from ages 7 to 80-plus.

    The USA Triathlon mission is to encourage, support, and enhance the multisport experience in the United States while promoting fitness and health through exercise, the spirit of competitiveness, and the pursuit of excellence.

    “Complete Triathlon Guide will appeal to beginners, experts, and everyone in between. If you want to get into the sport or improve your performance, this book is for you.

    Bobby McGee-- Olympic Endurance Coach

    "Athletes know that recovery can be as important as training. Complete Triathlon Guide covers both . . . and so much more. It is the must-have resource for every triathlete."

    Sarah Haskins-- 2010 Winner of Miami International, St. Anthony's, MN LifeTime Fitness, and Chicago Triathlons, 2008 Olympic Team Member (11th Place), 2007 Pan American Games Silver Medalist, 2006 U.S. National Champion

    The breadth of information in Complete Triathlon Guide is unmatched in any other work. If you’re looking for a resource covering triathlon topics not found elsewhere, this book is for you.

    Gale Bernhardt-- 2004 USA Triathlon Men’s and Women’s Olympic Coach