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Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus-Size Woman

Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus-Size Woman

$16.98 CAD $34.95 CAD


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    Meet your new training partner! If you are a plus-size woman and want to get stronger, but you are intimidated by the gym or don’t have access to a personal trainer, Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus-Size Woman is for you. Unlike books that target weight loss as the ultimate goal, this book emphasizes why strength training and movement are important for women of all sizes and how progress is not tied to a number on the scale.

    Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus-Size Woman offers clear and simple instructions on how to safely perform 83 exercises to make them more effective for larger bodies. Master the squat and hinge exercises for the lower body; push and pull exercises for the upper body; and loaded carry, rotation, and anti-rotation exercises for the core. Learn why some movements are more important than others and how to safely progress by manipulating the reps, sets, load, and rest periods.

    Sample workouts—from beginner level through advanced—enable you to determine your starting point for strength training goals. Choose from a variety of training equipment for many of the exercises or follow the dumbbell- or kettlebell-only workouts if you have limited access to equipment.

    You’ll also find tips for clothing and equipment needs. And, because she’s “been there, done that,” author Morit Summers explains how to pace yourself with advice on when and how often to work out and what to do if you become overwhelmed on your journey.

    Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus-Size Woman will inspire you to start putting one foot in front of the other to become a stronger, more capable version of yourself.


    Plus-size women who want to get stronger and improve or maintain their fitness; also for personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and other fitness professionals who work with bigger women.
    Part I. Set for Success
    Chapter 1. Find Your Why
    Chapter 2. Prepare to Move

    Part II. Get Moving
    Chapter 3. Squat and Hinge
    Chapter 4. Push and Pull
    Chapter 5. Anti-Rotation, Loaded Carry, and Rotation

    Part III. Make a Plan
    Chapter 6. Create Your Workout
    Chapter 7. Sample Workouts
    Chapter 8. Take Action
    Morit Summers has been a personal trainer since 2007, defying industry standards with her abilities and inclusive approach. She holds a bachelor of science degree in exercise science and kinesiology along with many certifications, including NSCA-CPT and CrossFit Level 1. Summers began her career at the State University of New York at Cortland. At Equinox Fitness, she progressed to a Tier 3+ trainer and began teaching classes of new personal trainers.

    In 2016, she launched her own business: Morit Summers Personal Training. She is also co-owner of FORM Fitness Brooklyn. Clients range from individuals just beginning their fitness journeys to seasoned athletes. Aside from personal training, she is an expert fitness consultant. She has been featured in Shape and Health magazines and on; the Good Day New York TV show; and various health and fitness podcasts and campaigns, including Lane Bryant's LIVI Moves and Calia by Carrie Underwood’s #StayThePath.
    “Wherever you are in your physical journey, I know this book will inspire you. Morit helped me compete for my very first Spartan Race. I will never forget her encouraging me to stop thinking about the scale for a second and instead think about strength—not just getting physically strong, but becoming mentally stronger. She challenged me to go for my goal in another way, and I carry that with me to this day. It’s not always about a number, but it’s about proving to yourself that you are capable and worthy. I hope that this book will leave you feeling capable and worthy of bringing your absolute best to everything you do.”
    —Danielle Brooks, Actress, Singer, Mom, and Spartan Race Participant

    “Morit Summers is one of the most knowledgeable and dedicated strength coaches available in our fitness industry. Morit has a wealth of knowledge, combined with the lived experience of how strong one can be while also living in a larger body; this expertise is extremely rare in our fitness culture.”
    —Louise Green, Trainer and Author of Big Fit Girl and Fitness for Everyone

    "Morit Summers is a powerhouse and a refreshing voice that's needed in sports. Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus-Size Woman offers clear instruction without the shameful tactics and messages that are oftentimes marketed to plus-size women to be smaller."
    —Latoya Shauntay Snell, Sponsored Multisport Endurance Athlete and Founder of Running Fat Chef LLC

    “Morit Summers’ approach to strength is approachable, accessible, and a breath of fresh air. Big & Bold: Strength Training for the Plus-Size Woman is exactly what the industry needs and is the book I wish I had access to when I first stepped foot in the gym.”
    —Chrissy King, Creator of The Body Liberation Project, Writer, and Fitness Influencer

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