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Better Body Workouts for Women

Better Body Workouts for Women

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    Are you serious about your workouts but disappointed in the results? Training harder and longer but getting no closer to your goal? If so, then read on—the solutions to your problems are here.

    In Better Body Workouts for Women, fitness experts and elite athletes Dean Hodgkin and Caroline Pearce provide you with your own personal training toolkit. You’ll discover the best methods for assessing your current fitness level, identifying physical strengths and deficiencies, setting and refining training goals and selecting and customizing the programs to make an immediate, lasting impact.

    Packed with full-colour photos and detailed descriptions of exercises, this book includes proven programs for increasing strength, endurance, power and agility as well as strategies for accelerating muscle development and recovery, breaking through plateaus, reducing body fat and fueling performance. You’ll find expert advice on pregnancy, menstruation, osteoporosis and common injuries.

    Complete with a discussion on training diaries for tracking progress and monitoring results, sample menu plans and dietary recommendations and an array of workouts for home and gym, Better Body Workouts for Women is the ultimate resource for any woman serious about pushing her body and performance to the next level.

    Read it, perform it, live it and see mesmerising results.

    Chapter 1 Training Essentials

    Chapter 2 Fitness Assessments

    Chapter 3 Nutrition Matters

    Chapter 4 Warming Up and Cooling Down

    Chapter 5 All In Aerobics

    Chapter 6 Go Anaerobic

    Chapter 7 Going Strong

    Chapter 8 Power Up

    Chapter 9 Get Agile

    Chapter 10 Personalise Your Programme

    Chapter 11 Sample Workouts and Programmes

    Chapter 12 Training Diary

    Dean Hodgkin was the resident fitness writer for Bodyfit magazine, contributing editor at Zest and a regular contributor to various other publications, including Health & Fitness, Women’s Fitness, Cosmopolitan, Weight Watchers, and She. His writing can also be seen in the Times, Daily Express, News of the World, FHM, Men’s Health, and GQ.

    Hodgkin is an experienced presenter, having appeared on various television and radio shows internationally and in more than 20 fitness videos and DVDs. In addition, Hodgkin regularly presents master classes and seminars at trade and consumer events in 36 countries, including the United Kingdom and United States. The recipient of the International Fitness Showcase 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award for services to the fitness industry, he was also voted Best International Fitness Presenter at the One Body One World awards in New York. He is a three-time world champion and two-time European champion in karate. Hodgkin lives in the United Kingdom.

    Caroline Pearce is a former international athlete and a current nutritionist, fitness consultant, model, and TV presenter. She holds a first class honors degree in sports science and master's degree in nutrition and exercise physiology from Loughborough University. She has contributed to and has been featured in and on the cover of numerous fitness and health magazines, including Bodyfit, Women's Health & Fitness, Women's Fitness, Zest, Ultra Fit, WorkOut Magazine and Muscle & Fitness.

    Pearce’s athletic career started when she represented Great Britain at the age of 15 in the pentathlon and progressed to senior honors and a place in the European Cup heptathlon team at the age of 24, where she helped the team secure their place in the Super League. She is a two-time national AAA heptathlon champion and a silver medalist in the long jump. She transferred her speed and power to ice and made her debut on the Great Britain bobsleigh team at the World Bobsleigh Championships in Calgary, where the Team GB won the silver medal. Her athletic success led her to become the face of the Adidas/Polar clothing line and model for sporting brands Nike, Reebok and Speedo. She is also the official spokesperson for Power Plate delivering accredited courses to trainers, professional sports teams and healthcare officials around the world. In 2008 Pearce took a role as Ice on the television show Gladiators, the UK franchise of the popular American Gladiators television program and she is now a regular TV sport and fitness presenter. Pearce lives in the United Kingdom.

    Better Body Workouts for Women is an excellent book for fitness instructors, coaches, students, and athletes, both professional and recreational, who want to get their minds behind their muscles and train to new heights."  

    Jane Wake, MSc, fitness expert for Lorraine on ITV1

    Better Body Workouts for Women covers all aspects of performance training and nutrition and is a must-read for anyone looking to gain a competitive edge.”

    Charlotte Ord-- 2010 Personal Trainer of the Year, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the England Lacrosse Squad, Owner of Phoenix Pro Fitness

    Better Body Workouts delivers solid, no-nonsense advice rather than relying on fad or fashion. A must-read for anyone serious about improving physical performance.”

    Caroline Sandry-- Fitness Expert and Presenter

    “If you really want to get results and gain an edge in your training, I highly recommend Better Body Workouts for Women. Inspiring, challenging and motivational, the book offers a unique winning formula.”

    Kim Ingleby-- Leading Fitness and Performance Coach

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    Smith review
    Better Body Workouts for Women

    This book is a definite benefit to my library of resources for my clients. The book has helped me to fine tune workouts for my clients.