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Pilates Anatomy 2nd Edition Online CE Exam With Ebook

Pilates Anatomy 2nd Edition Online CE Exam With Ebook

$110.95 CAD


Product Format
    This package includes the following:
    • Pilates Anatomy, Second Edition, ebook
    • Online continuing education exam
    Take a detailed look at Pilates with the superbly illustrated exercises in Pilates Anatomy, Second Edition. Choose from 46 exercises to target a particular body region and delve deeper to stretch, strengthen, and finely coordinate specific muscles. See which key muscles are activated, how variations and minor adjustments can influence effectiveness, and how breathing, alignment, and movement are all fundamentally linked.

    Use the Personalize Your Practice section for each exercise to vary your clients’ practice and customize workouts to fit their needs. Here you’ll find modifications to make each exercise more accessible when there are limitations such as tight hamstrings or underdeveloped core strength. Variations provide variety, and progressions are offered to add more challenge to each exercise and serve as valuable stepping stones on the journey to a more advanced Pilates practice. Also included are techniques for breathing, concentration, and self-awareness, providing a unique exercise experience that enhances the body and mind.

    After reading the ebook, certified professionals can take the companion CE exam to earn continuing education credits.

    Learning Objectives
    • List the six principles of Pilates.
    • Discuss the relationship between breathing and Pilates practice.
    • List the three key ways that breathing is controlled in Pilates.
    • List the muscles of the trunk involved in mat work.
    • Describe the proper cues for maintaining body alignment in mat positions.
    • Identify a safe and effective basic mat program for a beginner.


    Pilates instructors, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and other certified fitness professionals.
    Chapter 1. Six Key Principles of Pilates
    Chapter 2. Spine, Core, and Body Alignment
    Chapter 3. Muscles, Movement Analysis, and Mat Work
    Chapter 4. Foundation for a Mat Session
    Chapter 5. Abdominal Work for Movement and Stabilization
    Chapter 6. Fine Articulation for a Flexible Spine
    Chapter 7. Bridging for a Functional Spine
    Chapter 8. Side Exercises for an Effective Core
    Chapter 9. Extensions for a Strong Back
    Chapter 10. Customizing Your Pilates Program
    Rael Isacowitz is a world-renowned practitioner and teacher of Pilates. With over four decades of Pilates practice and achievement, he is a prominent lecturer and teacher at symposia, universities, colleges, and studios around the globe. He received his bachelor’s degree and teaching credentials from Israel's prestigious Wingate Institute, where he subsequently joined the teaching faculty. He later earned a master’s degree in dance from the University of Surrey in England.

    Isacowitz has mastered all levels of the Pilates repertoire and is noted in the industry for his unique athleticism; synthesis of body, mind, and spirit; and passion for teaching. In 1989, he founded Body Arts and Science International (BASI) Pilates, which has developed into one of the foremost Pilates education organizations in the world. BASI Pilates is currently represented in more than 120 host locations spanning over 40 countries.

    Isacowitz has authored the definitive book on Pilates (Pilates, Human Kinetics), published a series of workbooks on Pilates apparatus, produced DVDs, conceived designs of equipment manufactured by BASI Systems, and created the groundbreaking Pilates software BASI Interactive. He was a founding board member of the Pilates Method Alliance and is a regular contributor to several industry publications.

    Karen Clippinger is a professor emerita at California State University–Long Beach, where she taught for 19 years. Her courses included functional anatomy for dance, body placement, and Pilates. She also taught anatomy and kinesiology courses at other prestigious universities such as UCLA and Scripps College, as well as Pilates teacher training programs for Body Arts and Science International (BASI).

    Clippinger holds a master’s degree in exercise science from the University of Washington. Before joining academia, she worked as a clinical kinesiologist for 20 years at Loma Linda University Medical Center and several sports medicine clinics in Seattle. She has worked with a wide range of clients and consulted for the U.S. Weightlifting Federation, the U.S. race walking team, Pacific Northwest Ballet, and the Danish Wounded Warrior Project.

    Clippinger is a highly respected international speaker who has given over 400 presentations, including at conferences for BASI Pilates, Balanced Body, Pilates Alliance of Australasia, and Pilates Method Alliance. Clippinger was an exercise columnist for Shape magazine for four years and has authored numerous other articles, several book chapters, and the textbook Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology.

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