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ASEP Youth Sport Training Kit

ASEP Youth Sport Training Kit

$63.95 CAD


Product Format

    Busy youth sport administrators are sure to appreciate this all-in-one resource for training coaches, parents, and officials! The ASEP Youth Sport Training Kit brings together six of the American Sport Education Program's most successful training videos into one comprehensive 100-minute DVD:

    Being a C.O.A.C.H.
    Being a C.O.A.C.H. provides an introduction to volunteer coaching and working with players ages 8 to 14. Covered are the responsibilities of coaching, coaching philosophy, coaching for character, and communicating with athletes and parents.

    Coaching Safety
    Coaching Safety deals with issues for ensuring safe play, such as establishing safety plans and examining equipment, fields, and courts. Topics addressed include creating a safe environment, treating injuries, understanding liabilities surrounding the treatment of injuries, and stretching to help prevent injuries.

    Preparing for Game Day
    Preparing for Game Day explains how to plan teams, conduct practices, and play rosters for games and sporting events. Contents feature understanding the games approach to coaching, teaching sport skills, preparing practice plans, and evaluating player performance.

    Winning Respect
    Interscholastic and club sport coaches face challenges in helping their athletes develop not only skills and strategies but also character, respect, and responsibility. Winning Respect helps coaches address those issues. As athletes watch the video, they'll see kids just like them talking about their feelings relating to respect for opponents, for teammates and teams, for officials, for the game, and between athletes and the coach. The video mixes kids' commentary with well-known professional, college, and Olympic athletes exhibiting first-class sport behavior. It's a powerful tool for introducing athletes to the concepts of winning respect both inside and outside the sport arena.

    Officiating Youth Sport

    Officiating Youth Sport highlights the keys to successful youth sport officiating, including what officials' duties and responsibilities are, how tightly to call games, how to be fair and impartial, how to communicate with coaches and players, how to handle conflict, and how to keep the sport safe and fun for kids. In this video, experienced sport officials share their expertise to help new or novice officials learn the fundamentals of officiating and being an effective official. Officials of all youth sports gain a solid foundation in the principles of officiating to help them call games with confidence.

    SportParent shows real kids giving their views of parents' involvement in their sports. The kids tell how their parents' cheers boost their spirits and how torturous it can be when their parents yell at them or complain to the coach or referee. These kids' words serve as a wake-up call for any parent and say more about sport parent behavior than any adult ever could.
    With the ASEP Youth Sport Training Kit, even novice sport administrators can conduct training sessions with confidence. Featuring an easy-to-navigate menu, the DVD works in tandem with ASEP's coaching, officiating, and SportParent instructor guides (available as free downloads from the ASEP Web site) to make the task of leading clinics a snap. You're sure to find the ASEP Youth Sport Training Kit a valuable resource for conducting clinics that have a positive impact on everyone involved in your sport programs.

    Being a C.O.A.C.H.
    Segment 1: Responsibilities
    Segment 2: Personal Traits
    Segment 3: Philosophy
    Segment 4: Character
    Segment 5: Communication
    Segment 6: Review

    Coaching Safety
    Segment 1: Providing a Safe Environment
    Segment 2: Treating Injuries
    Segment 3: Protecting Yourself From Legal Liabilities
    Segment 4: Review

    Preparing for Game Day
    Segment 1: The Games Approach
    Segment 2: The IDEA Method
    Segment 3: Practice Plans
    Segment 4: Review

    Winning Respect
    Athlete Interviews
    Moderated Forum Discussion

    Why Children Play Sports
    SportParents' Role
    Parents and Coaches
    Making Sports Valuable

    Officiating Youth Sports
    Your Role as an Official
    How Tight Is Too Tight?
    Getting Your Message Across
    Reasons and Rewards

    Free Downloads for Conducting Clinics

    The ASEP Youth Sport Training Kit DVD works in tandem with the Coaching Youth Clinic Instructor Guide, Coaching Youth Clinic Study Guide, SportParent Facilitator Manual, and Officiating Youth Sport Instructor Kit to lead you step by step through the process of running your own clinics. The instructor materials are available as free downloads from the Sport Administrators’ Home Page area of the ASEP Web site. Check out these and many other complimentary downloads available to you that are designed to make your job easier and your sport programs more effective and enjoyable for everyone involved.

    Equip Your Coaches With Coaching Youth [Sport] Books

    Coaching Youth [Sport] books are must-reads for coaches preparing to meet the challenges and enjoy the rewards of working with athletes ages 14 and under. Order copies for all of your coaches, hand them out at your coaching clinics, and provide your coaches with a valuable resource that they’ll refer to throughout the season.

    Volume discounts available! To place your order, call 800-747-5698, ext. 2980.