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High-Intensity Training for Women: 30-Minute Workout  Video on Demand

High-Intensity Training for Women: 30-Minute Workout Video on Demand

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    Achieve maximal results in minimal time!

    High-Intensity Training for Women: 30-Minute Workout pairs quick bouts of super-high-intensity anaerobic intervals with shorter, low-effort rest intervals. Based on The HIIT Advantage book by Irene Lewis-McCormick, this streaming video on demand focuses on specific exercises, combinations, and progressions that will incinerate fat, shape and strengthen the upper and lower body, and assist with core strength for excellent posture and enhanced exercise performance—all with a woman’s ultimate physique in mind.

    If you’re serious about your workouts, get the advantage of burning fat, shaping your physique, and improving performance. Get High-Intensity Training for Women: 30-Minute Workout and get results!

    30-Minute Workout: Lower and Upper Body
    Use Tabata and hard, harder, hardest timing and recover for 60 to 90 seconds between sequences.
    Equipment: Dumbbells, tubing
    • Warm-up: 3 to 5 minutes
    • Max interval 12: Brazilian lunge—4 minutes
    • Hard, harder, hardest 5: Basic push-up; chest press; triceps kickback—4 minutes 10 seconds
    • Mixed interval 28: Jumping jack with arms to front; mogul twist—4 minutes
    • Mixed interval 26: Single-arm bent-over row; upright row with dumbbells—4 minutes
    • Mixed interval 24: Bridge; full bicycle crunch—4 minutes
    • Mixed interval 21: Swimmer; plank with shoulder tap—4 minutes
    • Cool-down and transition out: 3 minutes