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Yoga Teacher Training Print CE Course

Yoga Teacher Training Print CE Course

$305.95 CAD

Product Format

    Print Course

    Course components are delivered as printed products:

    • Workbook

    • Continuing education exam

    Yoga Teacher Training Print CE Course is a comprehensive introduction to the realm of yoga and mind–body fitness. You’ll find instructional techniques from both classic and contemporary approaches to teaching yoga. Topics include yoga theory and tradition; anatomy and kinesiology; contraindications and safety issues; creating, formatting, and sequencing a yoga class; yoga for stress management, health, and energy; principles of somatic education and psychology; and understanding embodiment and emerging consciousness. The course concludes with a continuing education exam for credit through participating organizations.

    Course Objectives

    • Identify and describe each of the eight limbs of raja yoga.

    • Teach 27 classic yoga asanas by demonstrating and cueing.

    • Teach the three-part breath by demonstrating and cueing.

    • Identify the body’s two possible organizational strategies for gravity orientation.

    • Explain the base of support and how it affects the body in a yoga pose.

    • Explain dimensionality and how it affects the body in a yoga pose.

    • Teach the pelvic lift exercise to activate internal core support.

    • Identify the four stages in the process of skill acquisition.

    • Teach one yoga pose that represents each of the four characteristic somatic patterns.

    • Explain the difference between poses of expansion and contraction.

    • Describe the difference between the red light and green light reflex somatotypes.

    • Teach a five-minute somatic awareness meditation.


    A continuing education course for athletic trainers, physical therapists and physiotherapists, group fitness and mind–body instructors, and fitness professionals

    Table of Contents

    Part 1: Yoga Teacher Training Manual

    Chapter 1. Theory and Tradition

    What Is Yoga?

    Types of Yoga

    History of Yoga

    The Classic Texts of Yoga

    The Eight Limbs of Raja Yoga

    Sanskrit: The Original Language of Yoga

    Chapter 2. Anatomy and Kinesiology

    Anatomy for Yoga Teachers

    Anatomy of Movement

    Kinesiology of 21 Yoga Postures

    Muscle Pairs and Their Movements

    Chapter 3. Learning About the Yoga Postures

    Yoga is a Mind–Body Stretching Technique

    General Benefits of Yoga Postures

    Sun Salutation and 27 Yoga Postures

    Chapter 4. Contraindications: Addressing safety issues

    When Does the Risk outweigh the Benefit?

    Think “Safety First!”

    Therapeutic Yoga Postures

    The Multifidus Muscle

    Resting Poses

    Modifications Using Props

    Chapter 5. Other Features of a Yoga Class

    Affirmations Final Relaxation


    Breathing Exercises

    Yoga Homework

    Part 2: Somatic Education for Yoga Teachers

    Chapter 1. Somatic Education

    Mind–Body Methods

    Understanding Embodiment

    Somatic Education

    Emerging Consciousness

    Somatic Psychology

    Chapter 2. Somatic Yoga

    Yoga for Strength Training

    Yoga for Better Breathing

    Yoga for Stress Management

    Understanding Pain

    Aesthetics and Appreciation

    Worksheets and Study Guides

    Somatic Awareness of Grounding

    Somatic Patterns Program

    Somatic Awareness of Organic Energy

    Somatic Awareness of Muscular Energy (fatigue)

    Somatic Awareness of Muscular Energy (stretch/strength)

    Experiencing Expansion and Contraction

    Somatic Awareness Meditation

    Breathing Imagery

    Yoga for Stress Reduction

    About the Author

    Linda-Christy Weiler is the Executive Director for the Academy of Holistic Fitness, a company that provides yoga and somatic-based perceptive and integrative fitness continuing education courses for certified fitness professionals. She has a Master’s degree in Somatic Studies (the Self experienced as a body), a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and more than twenty-five years of experience as a fitness professional and movement educator.

    She served as director of the Yoga Fitness Program at the Hindu Cultural Center in Nashville’s Ganesha Temple for eleven years, and has trained in various styles of yoga including Sivananda, Kriya, Bikram, and Iyengar techniques. Her certifications include NASM CPT & CES, ACE Health Coach, and ACE Group Fitness Instructor. She is an affiliate member of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP), and a past member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS).

    What distinguishes her teaching is her interest in the effect of this work on the total person, not just on the body. She believes that health, fitness, and lifetime happiness are attained through a combination of physical, psychological, and spiritually-based training techniques, and that the essential qualities of poise, self-respect, inherent nobility, discipline, and loving kindness are integral aspects of optimal wellness.


    "This course has all the elements of a well-written yoga teacher training program, including detailed background information and anatomy so that the new yoga teacher is educated with talking points, knowledge of poses, and safety issues to look for during class—as well as a great description of how to organize a class. All of this on top of great photos and worksheets to make sure that the participant understands what is important. In the last 20 years I have been in charge of developing several educational fitness courses, and this one is very sound and well written."

    S. Winecke—Eagan, Minnesota

    "This course has given me the knowledge to go forward and create my own yoga fitness programs. I will focus daily on creating new programs for specific clients’ needs and improving myself. Thank you, Linda, for such a comprehensive course! I have a lot to learn and teach."

    T. Bittner—Big Bear Lake, California