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Power Yoga Ebook With CE Exam

Power Yoga Ebook With CE Exam

$107.95 CAD


Product Format
    The package components are delivered online:
    • Power Yoga: Strength, Sweat, and Spirit ebook
    • Continuing education exam
    Expand your clients’ energy and sense of personal power with power yoga, the athletic and dynamic style of yoga that delivers high intensity and quick results. This potent practice is a complete workout on its own, and it also offers tremendous benefits when combined with other workouts and sports. In addition to physical strength, stamina, and flexibility, the dynamic movements of power yoga challenge you to develop focus, balance, and purpose that extend to life beyond the yoga mat.
    Dozens of warm-up, power, peak, and cool-down poses are presented in full color, and adaptations to modify or intensify each pose allow you to customize your practice for each client. Sequences ranging from 5 to 60 minutes—including specific sequences for running, cycling, team sports, and high-intensity activities—offer options that match specific goals and lifestyle needs, and the 28-day plan can be adjusted into a customized plan based on the desired results.
    Upon completing the book, certified professionals can take the companion CE exam to earn continuing education credits.
    Learning Objectives
    After completing this course, you will be able to do the following:
    • Understand the meaning of select Sanskrit terms used in yoga practice.
    • Identify historical figures in yoga history who helped to define power yoga.
    • Recognize how a power yoga practice benefits the body.
    • Explain how power yoga helps to manage stress.
    • Discuss how to modify and adapt yoga poses.
    • Understand when yoga poses are contraindicated for specific conditions.
    • Describe the role of meditation within a power yoga practice.
    • Discuss the importance of breath work in power yoga.


    A continuing education course for fitness and yoga instructors, personal trainers, athletic trainers, and strength and conditioning coaches.
    A Brief History of Yoga
    The Eight Limbs of Yoga
    How to Use This Book
    Chapter 1. The Power of Yoga
    Yoga for Life Today
    The Physical Practice
    Chapter 2. Intention
    Setting Your Intention
    Cultivating Focus
    Applying the Right Effort
    Chapter 3. Power Principles
    Energy Locks
    Chapter 4. Warm-Up Poses and Sequences
    Opening Poses
    Warm-Up Poses
    Opening Sequences
    Sun Salutations
    Chapter 5. Power Poses and Sequences
    Power Poses
    Power Sequences
    Chapter 6. Peak Poses and Sequences
    Igniting Your Peak
    Peak Poses
    Peak Sequences
    Chapter 7. Cool-Down Poses and Sequences
    Power in Opposites
    Forward Folds
    Final Rest
    Cool Down Sequences
    Chapter 8. Core Strength Poses and Sequences
    Cultivating Core Strength
    Core Poses
    Core Sequences
    Chapter 9. Upper-Body Strength Sequences
    What Is Your Upper Body Saying?
    Upper-Body Sequences
    Chapter 10. Lower-Body Strength Sequences
    Trust Your Foundation
    Lower-Body Sequences
    Chapter 11. Yoga Within Your Other Workouts
    Power Yoga and Injury Prevention
    Sport-Specific Yoga Sequences
    Chapter 12. Your Power Yoga Plan
    Get the Most Out of Your Practice
    Your Power Yoga Plan: Sequences
    Leah Cullis, E-RYT 500, is a celebrated power yoga teacher and holistic health coach. She has worked with the Baptiste Institute and her teacher, world-renowned yogi and best-selling author Baron Baptiste, to design and deliver transformational power yoga programs. She has also studied under Jonny Kest and Lama Marut.
    Cullis lives and teaches in Austin, Texas, where she leads teacher trainings, workshops, and classes. She is the creator and leader of Pillars of Power Yoga, Yoga Journal’s award-winning online course. She is a regular contributor to and has been featured on the cover of Yoga Journal.
    Cullis is an all-star teacher with, where she has created the Ultimate Guide to Power Yoga program and a free power yoga challenge that has been joined by over 20,000 participants from around the world. She has been featured in Mantra Magazine,, and Cullis teaches at conferences and festivals across the country and has presented at prestigious institutions such as the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.
    Cullis is a two-time ambassador for lululemon in Austin, Texas, and has represented her community at international conferences and retreats. From 2009 through 2016 she organized the Yoga Garden at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, leading a team of nationally recognized teachers who shared yoga with more than 30,000 participants, as part of a presidential initiative encouraging healthy lifestyles for children and families. Her greatest honor is being a mom.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Georgette Turnbull
    Love this book.

    I needed this in my life at this time.

    Margaret Britton

    I really enjoyed the book