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Complete Guide to Foam Rolling eBook with CE Exam

Complete Guide to Foam Rolling eBook with CE Exam

$87.95 CAD

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    Complete Guide to Foam Rolling e-book

    • Continuing education exam

    Complete Guide to Foam Rolling is the answer to improved athletic performance. Foam rolling before, during, and after a workout can get blood flowing, stimulate muscles to work more efficiently, and initiate the recovery process to reduce soreness.

    Backed by scientific research, Complete Guide to Foam Rolling provides step-by-step instructions for 27 of the most effective foam rolling techniques for muscle preparation and recovery. Reduce pain and restore function with therapeutic movements that help rehabilitate the body and reduce the risk of injury. Learn proper techniques to breathe, relax, and roll through tight spots as part of the warm-up, flexibility work, and cool-down. Then adapt any of the ready-to-use protocols to create a customized program to address specific problem areas as well as overall muscle and nervous system needs.

    In addition, the book reviews the various types of rolling equipment and which is best for particular needs. Special tips throughout the text provide further advice for preventing injury to muscles and joints.

    Invest in your training success—and that of your clients and athletes—by applying these proven self-massage techniques. Complete Guide to Foam Rolling paves the way for better overall performance while offering certified professionals the opportunity to earn continuing education with the companion exam.

    Learning Objectives

    After reading the book and completing the exam, you will be able to

    • explain how foam rolling aids in muscle recovery;

    • describe the flexibility benefits of foam rolling;

    • identify the benefits of foam rolling for injury prevention;

    • understand the contraindications for foam rolling;

    • describe the types of equipment that can be used for foam rolling and the conditions under which each should be used;

    • understand how muscle and nerve function and position play a role in foam rolling technique;

    • perform a movement assessment to identify muscles that can benefit from foam rolling;

    • explain how foam rolling can improve performance in sport;

    • list the three types of stretching that can increase flexibility;

    • describe how foam rolling can enhance rehabilitation from injury; and

    • create effective foam rolling programs to be used during warm-up, flexibility work, and recovery.


    A continuing education exam for certified professionals looking for alternatives to traditional stretching as a way to prepare for and recover from a workout.

    Kyle Stull is the senior master trainer and education content manager for TriggerPoint, a division of Implus LLC. TriggerPoint is the creator of the GRID Foam Roller and Myofascial Compression Techniques. For the past 13 years, TriggerPoint has helped establish foam rolling as an industry and has advanced the practice forward.

    In his position, Kyle collaborates with leading universities and industry professionals, conducting research and creating evidence support for educational material. Since 2010 he has also been a faculty instructor with the National Academy of Sports Medicine, where he teaches fitness and corrective exercise workshops and contributes content for various journals and articles.

    Kyle has a master’s of science in rehabilitation and a bachelor's of science in sport management. He is a licensed massage therapist with more than 12 years of experience in personal training, corrective exercise, and manual therapy. He is presently completing his doctorate in health sciences, for which he is researching the different types of movement assessments used by personal trainers in health clubs to provide insight on best practices.

    As a member of the Fascia Research Society and the International Academy of Orthopedic Medicine, Kyle is committed to being at the forefront of industry developments and maintaining the highest standards in his practice by incorporating the latest research into his work.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    April Townsend
    Foam Rolling

    I really enjoyed this course. After being in the fitness industry for over 30 years, I am finding that continuing education online is just not the same as what we have been used to over the years. This course was the first one in a long time that I enjoyed, and was able to pick up some great ideas.

    Sarah Beckman

    Complete Guide to Foam Rolling eBook with CE Exam

    Patricia Coyne
    Hard copy please

    I am unable to study with e books, and had to order a hard copy on my own to study properly. Would you please provide an option to have a hard copy book in future?
    The PDF version doesn’t function properly with my learning needs. Thank you!

    Amit Deva

    Complete Guide to Foam Rolling eBook with CE Exam

    Diane Thurmeier

    Very informative and knowledgeable, learnt alot